Tuesday, May 15, 2018

How To Style Different Patterns Items

Last Saturday, I went to watch Super Rugby. It was my first time to watched a rugby game at a rugby field. I worked with the fashion magazine "GLOW" for the Sunwolves, one of the team of Super Rugby. There were stylish people in the fashion industry around my seat. We got a red head gear as gift to support the Sunwolves. They looked so great, but I found out I looked like an octopus in the mirror. That head gear wasn’t a real one and was made of vinyl, so my head was sweating! However I cheered a lot, and the Sunwolves won their first victory in this year!! Anyway, Today’s blog is how to style different patterns. I’m not good at combination with two patterns.

土曜日に、サンウルブズの今季国内最終戦を観てきました。ラグビー観戦は初めてで、GLOWのサンウルブズのお仕事の担当さんやカメラマンさんたちと、秩父宮ラグビー場で応援。ファッション関係者の方が多い席だったせいか、みなさん、とってもおしゃれでした。 難易度高そうな応援グッズの真っ赤なヘッドギアもさらりと被られて、私もドキドキしながら被って鏡を見るとタコみたいでした。ビニールのヘッドギアは頭が熱く、でも頑張って応援したら、サンウルブズ初勝利!!おめでとうございます。 さて、今日のコーディネートは柄on柄で、私にとって非常に難しい組み合わせのお話です。

For dinner with my friends, I wanted to wear a botanical-pattern blouse from H&M. I considered which bottom suited the top in my closet. At last, I chose a leopard-pattern skirt. It was a coincident! I thought that I couldn’t figure out the combination only in my head. I don’t think that all types of leopard-patterns will go well with the botanical-pattern blouse. I succeed with today’s outfit because both color tones were similar. In addition, the outfit looks like that a leopard sitting in the Savanna, and lots of flowers were falling on the leopard. I chose a red bag and gold heels for the finishing touch, then I felt more fantastic in my outfit! Sometimes I love a cool and fantasy-like style because of the escape from reality, it is good for dinner at a beautiful restaurant. When I want to choose a low risk outfit, for example a business meeting or an English lesson, I styled a pair of solid color wide pants with this blouse. When I want a casual style outfit, I chose jeans and sneakers. Enjoy your botanical-patterns!!

この日の夜は、お友達とディナー。 H&Mのボタニカル柄のブラウスをどうしても着たくて、それに合うボトムをあれこれ試しながら探していたら、 偶然、レオパード柄のスカートがヒットしました。頭の中だけでは、絶対気づかない組み合わせです。 レオパード柄なら何でも合うわけではなくて、今回の成功は、どちらもトーンが似ているから上手くいきました。 さらに、大自然のイメージも共通点になり、それはまるで サバンナで寝転んでいる豹の上に草花が空から降ってきたようです。 ファンタージをさらに盛り上げる為に、仕上げは赤いバッグとゴールドの靴。 夢見がちでも甘過ぎないコーディネイトは、時々、現実逃避の夜のおでかけにぴったりです。 ミーティングや英会話スクールなど無難にいきたい時は、無地のワイドパンツを合わせて、 カジュアルにしたいときはジーンズとスニーカーで! みなさまも、是非ボタニカル柄のミックスを楽しんでみてくださいね。

H&M blouse, Tan skirt, Kate Spade New York heels and bags


  1. You look gorgeous in this styling dear, such a bold combination :-) I love your golden shoes!

  2. Your outfit is so cute! You look lovely :) xx

  3. lovely mix of patterns! I am absolutely charmed by your blouse! it looks super romantic!

  4. Such an elegant look!
    Have a nice evening!
    Gil Zetbase

  5. You look great in this styling dear. I love your dog too. Does he or she shed fur. I have a dog and all my clothes are full of fur.


  6. I love the mix and match of leopard print with floral print! Goro-chan is so cute <3
    xo Samantha

  7. Hi dear friend,you always look a super stylish lady!! And I love your unique grace ...


  8. I would have never through of combining these two patterns, but you make it work so well!

    Almost Stylish

  9. I also would never in a million years have thought to put these two together. What an eye you have, my friend.

  10. You look so funny and elegant in this outfit, love

    Kiss kiss.*Jo
    Jo & Company Style