Thursday, May 03, 2018

The Azalea Festival In The Gamagori Classic Hotel

I stayed with my mother in Aichi prefecture last week and went to the azalea festival in The Gamagori Classic Hotel. The hotel changed their name from The Gamagori Prince Hotel to The Gamagori Classic Hotel. To be honest, it takes a long time to get used to change a new name for me. It is coincident that my name of Japanese traditional dance might be changed, too. That makes me so nervous. However, the garden of the hotel is so beautiful!! The garden is very famous for their azalea. They have about 3,000 azalea trees, their magenta or pink like strawberry milk of the five colors, are so elegant and cute!!
先週、ひさしぶりに愛知の実家に一泊して、蒲郡の「つつじ祭り」へ行ってきました。場所は、蒲郡プリンスホテルかと思っていたら、いつの間にか名前が蒲郡クラシックホテルに変わっておりました。調べてみると、2012年の創業100周年を機に改名したそう。プリンスホテルの名前が好きだったのでまだ慣れませんが、改名といえば最近私も日舞の名前を改名する相談をしている最中なのです。初めての事なのでどうなるか分かりませんが、進展があり次第ブログでご報告しますね。 さて、このホテルの庭園は昔からつつじの名所で有名です。広い園内に5種類のつつじ約3,000本もあり、マゼンタピンクやイチゴミルクのような白っぽいピンク色の花が満開でした。

When I noticed that my blouse with the floral pattern went well with these azaleas, I was so excited! The black floral pattern is this trend for a impulse buy last month at Ginza Six department store. I love the material(100% SEIDE) isn't too soft. I can't make a beautiful shape of roll up sleeves like Franca Sozzani if the cloth is too soft. I styled my new watch Fossil Q with the blouse, thats screen is changed my favorite image from my Instagram! I chose the picture of a pink flower. After the festival, I drew my illustration on the pink tote. I made personal painting video on the last image!! In addition, you can see the another video of my drawing and talking from a new banner on the top right of this blog!!

偶然、EQUIPMENTのブラウスの花柄の色とつつじの色がよく合っていて嬉しかったです。トレンドの黒地のフラワープリントのブラウスは 先月、GINZA SIXのEQUIPIMENTで衝動買い。100& SEIDEの生地がてろっとしすぎないところが気に入っています。そのほうが、フランカ・ソツァーニのように袖をまくった時に形がきれいに決まるので。新作のFOSSIL Qの画面は、インスタの画像を表示できるので、時計もピンクのお花の画像にして、バッグもFOSSILのピンクトートに。最後の動画は、5/5(土)のペインティングイベントの練習風景をビデオにしました。右上の告知バーナーからは、FOSSILさんに作っていただいた可愛い動画もご覧いただけます。子供の日、お時間ありましたら是非お立ち寄りくださいね♡

Equipment blouse, The Dallas pants, Stella McCarteney shoes, Fossil tote and watch

I'm sorry, today's English text isn't corrected by my English teacher. After an English lesson, I'll correct soon!!


  1. Wonderful place... nice shirt!

  2. Hey Akiko, hope you're doing well :)

    You were so lucky to attend this festival, taking into consideration that the venue is so beautiful and it
    seriously looks like a dream *___*

    I also took a look at your collaboration with Fossil on social media and I feel so happy to see you collaborating with such interesting brands, keep doing it! Your art deserves the best and you're a true inspiration for me as an illustrator too :D

    Best from Barcelona

  3. You painted this bag really wonderful, you are so talented! Wonderful photos, I love that kind of gardens :-)

  4. Fantastic pictures!
    Have a nice week-end!
    Gil Zetbase

  5. What a gorgeous garden, Akiko. I love that you chose you blouse to match.

  6. Hi, Akiko. I love azaleas. Beautiful photos, my friend. And you are so pretty!!!
    Oh, I LLLLLLLLOVE the video!!!!!! I did not know what you paint so nice!!!! Kisses!!!

  7. That blouse is soo cute! I absolutely love it! Also thanks for posting photos from the park - Japanese parks are my soft spot, I miss it badly (that is why no matter what kind of trip we plan and at what season I always suggest Japan as option)