Thursday, June 28, 2018

ANISANPØ 20180603

Hi everyone! Today, I'll share the report with you! The festival is called 'Ani-fes 'ANISANPØ 20180603'', which is an abbreviation of 'Aniki Festival'. A man called 'Aniki' has his program, 'Anisanpo', on the Forza Style web magazine. 'Anisanpo' is a navigation program for the downtown by Aniki. Fortunately, I met Doktor Akamine who is a fashion director and designer. His style is 'Japanese spirit, Western style' (My translation 和魂洋装 be might wrong, so I'll ask him if I can see him again). I want to style a kimono with Western flair, so I'm inspired by his style.

みなさま、こんにちは。本日はアニフェス@講談社「みんなで行こう 気絶の向こう側!!」のリポートをお送りします。 アニフェスとは、WEBマガジン FORZA STYLEで「アニ散歩」という素敵な番組があるのですが、そのナビゲーター役であるアニキのフェスティバルのことです。 ゲストに、憧れのドクトル赤峰先生も出演されました。クイズでは、和魂洋装をテーマに「真の男」を追究されておられる先生の名言が心に響き、私も和と洋のバランスを探りながらブログを続けているので、先生にお会いできて本当に嬉しかったです。

Ani-fes was held at a lecture hall of Kodansha's which is the leading publishing company in Japan. I wore a kimono because my profile image is wearing a kimono on my comic strip for Forza Style. This kimono is called 'Shiozawa Tsumugi', and this obi is called 'Bingata'. The river on the obi looks cool, so I often chose it in this season. This pink kimono makes me look kind. My tortoseshell hair accessories are from an owner of an office apartmentI had about 10 years ago. This Baignoire watch goes well with a kimono. Anyway, there were about 100 people in the hall. We heard Aniki's voice in the dark, then the light turned on and Aniki appeared! He was singing and dancing. He was so quick, so my Leica Q camera couldn't catch him. It was blurry. 100 people ate Kameda Crisps at the same time, then the hall was filled with the junk snack's smell. However his show was so exciting and I felt like it was a dinner show! Next, he talked about his biography that had been secret and showed his pictures from when he was a kid. It was the first time we found out about his job, which is a Pro sanper. 'sanper' means walking in Japanese. Perhaps being a pro sanper will become even more popular, like being a blogger has. We had fun quiz show and life counselling from Aniki. I would love to tell you more, but I won't do it because then this post will be way too long. The festival was ran for two hours, that time flew. I think everybody at the event is a great person who do a great job with their work and family. I can't wait the next festival!

アニフェスは、講談社の講堂で開催されました。FORZA STYLEの私の連載漫画のプロフィール画像も着物姿ですので、この日は着物にしました。単衣の塩沢紬に紅型の帯で涼しげに、色で優しさを演出。べっ甲のかんざしはマンションの大家さんにいただいた宝物、時計は、着物によく似合うベニュワールです。 会場には100人近い男性が集まり、照明が暗くなるとBe My Babyを歌うアニキの声が聴こえてきました。講堂の二階に現れたアニキが歌って踊りながら降りてきて、あまりにも機敏な動きにライカQもブレてしまいました。一人一袋配られた柿の種の香りが会場に充満する中、アニキのアクションとサービス精神は、フェスというよりもゴージャスなディナーショーのようです。 歌の次は、謎に包まれたアニキの経歴がスライドで公開。ファンにはたまらないお宝映像も。気になるアニキの稼業はPro sanperなんだそうです。はじめて耳にする職業ですが、Bloggerのように新しい時代を作っていく響きがしますよね。 クイズや人生相談など、他にもお伝えしきれないくらい盛りだくさんの内容で、あっという間の2時間でした。仕事もできて家庭も大切にする大人のフェスは、気絶の向こう側まで行っても、だらだらしないでピシッと終わり気持ちがよかったです。次回も楽しみです。


  1. Sounds like a great event! You look gorgeous in this kimono, I love your obi :-)

  2. Cool kimono and super cute obi!
    Kisses, Paola.


  3. Haha, he was too fast for your camera! That made me smile.
    Your blush pink kimono is lovely, just the right colour combined with the river obi!

    Almost Stylish

  4. I love what you are wearing, that kimono is so beautiful. I love chinese outfit. the details are always so beautiful

  5. Very smart look!!!

    Have a nice evening!
    Photographer Gil Zetbase

  6. event looks lovely! I am in love with your obi though, it looks so elegant and feminine