Wednesday, June 06, 2018

My Outfit Inspired By Kate Spade

This morning my sun told me, “Kate Spade passed away.” I was so sad, but I had to go to some appointment for my work. I cried in the taxi on my way the my appointments. On my blog, I have written about the reason why I've been really into Kate Spade. You can see the articles of my outfits or others since 2011 here. It was my first time that I got a bag from Kate Spade New York about 20 years ago. At that time, my son was one or two years old, and I wanted to change my avant-garde style and I was a staff for the Vivienne Westwood shop before I gave birth.
「ケイト・スペードさんが死んじゃったよ」と今朝、息子から聞きました。今日は、ずっと悲しくて、移動のタクシーの中で涙が止まりませんでした。 何度か、このブログでも書いておりますが、ケイト・スペード ニューヨークのバッグと私のお付き合いは、ちょうど息子の年齢と同じくらいになります。こちらで、その後半分をごらんいただけます。

When I became a mother, I wanted something conservative. The elegant and playful style by Kate Spade inspired me, then my first items from Kate Spade were a bag, a wallet, and a card case! They helped me communiticate other women who are mother. If you are conservative, you might choose the brand to try something humorous. As for my outfit for today, I wore earrings from Kate Spade. Other items are not from Kate Spade, but these color combinations were inspired by the brand. Anyway, I would love to share Kate's quote with you. These texts below are in 'Style', that is one of her books. My book is in Japanese, so I translated the texts into Japanese. The original sentences are different.
"A woman who is like Diana Vreeland or Jacqueline Onassis, has gotten her own style since she was born. However many people get their own style step by step with experience. The first step is knowing yourself, and you gain confidence in it. You know the world around you, for example, books, movies, arts, music, travels, and people except for you. Then you can have your style."
It was my pleasure to know Kate's style. I hope she rests in peace.

Vivienne Westwoodが好きなアバンギャルドだった私がお母さんになって、少しコンサバな服装を模索していた時に、ケイトの世界観の虜になりました。 元がパンクなVivi子なので、私にとってケイトはコンサバなのです。バッグとお財布と名刺入れを揃えて、苦手な社交も少しずつ楽しめるようになりました。もしかしたら、コンサバな方にとってのケイトは私とは逆で、もう少し冒険してみたい気持ちの背中を押してくれるような存在なのかも。 今日のコーディネイトの中でケイト・スペードはイヤリングだけなんですけど、カラフルな組み合わせはケイトのスタイルから影響を受けているのがわかります。 私の大好きな本、ケイト・スペードの三部作のうちの『STYLE』中に、みなさまにもお伝えしたい文章がありますので引用させていただきますね。

Zaful blouse, Auralee skirat, Converse sneakers, Gucci sunglasses, Gap bag, H&H bangle and ring, Kate Spade New York earrings


  1. こんばんは。悲報にびっくりしています。ブリッジをしている知り合いの女性にkate spade の時計をするとかっこ良いです、という話をしていたばかりです。

  2. Hi dear, you look so great in that outfit. I love how you paired the pieces together.

  3. Lovely outfit!
    Have a nice week!
    Gil Zetbase

  4. It was quite shocking news, wasn't it!

    Almost Stylish