Saturday, June 23, 2018

Only One Earring And A Vintage Jacket From Chanel

Hi everyone! Today I think I will share with you these earrings that I've lost other pair of. My family sometimes says to me, "Your ears look like Gyoza (Dumpling), ha ha ha". My ears are thick, and they have big earlobes. I tried to get my ears pierced three times, but they got infected. I think the reason is because my holes are my hole are longer than other people's, and I'm allergic to metal. Anyway, I have chosen earrings with a clip. It is hard to find lovely earrings, so I decide to get them quickly when I find them! I often lose other pairs and I was so sad. Suddenly, came to me! I wore mismatched earrings, one from each pair. That combination is more fantastic than I imagined. The right earring is from Kate Spade which I purchased when I was an official blogger of Kate Spade New York Japan. The left one is a present from my ex-assistant, and I love that heart-shaped pearl. Both of them have wonderful memories associated with them. I can also feel the history and memories from this vintage jacket from Chanel at Trampoin. I had a nostalgic photoshoot.

みなさま、こんにちは。今日は片方だけ無くしてしまったイヤリングのお話です。私の耳は、餃子みたいっていわれるくらい肉厚で福耳です。ピアスの穴を空けると人よりも穴が長くなり、金属アレルギーもあるので、すぐ化膿してしまうのです。3回試したけどダメだったので諦めました。それからはクリップタイプのイヤリングにしているんですけど、なかなか素敵なものが見つからないので可愛いのを見つけたらすぐ購入するようにしています。だから、片方だけ落としてしまった時はショックでなかなか立ち直れません。そんなある日、いいことを思いつきました☆同じようなテイストのものなら違うデザインでも大丈夫な気がしてきて、早速試してみると想像以上の素敵な組み合わせに感激♡ 右はケイト・スペード公式ブロガーの時に購入したもの、左は今、売れっ子イラストレーターの村澤綾香さんがアシスタントをしてくれていた時に、プレゼントしてくれたハートの形のパールです。どちらも大切な思い出がつまっています。trampoinで見つけたこのヴィンテージシャネルジャケットにも、前の持ち主さんの思い出を感じるので、ノスタルジックな気分に浸りながら撮影しました。

Chanel jacket, 08sircus skirt-pants, Kate Spade bag, heels, sunglasses, watch, and earring, Present earring, House Of Harlow 1960 necklace


  1. You look stunning in this styling my dear!!! I love your skirt-pants :-)

  2. I love this look. The bottoms are so beautiful.

  3. Wow! You look so pretty!!!Have a successful day dear!

  4. That jacket is more than beautiful!

    Dahi Tamara from Strangeness and Charms

  5. This outfit is to die for, I love every single piece!
    Kisses, Paola.


  6. you are the most stylish girl, Akiko! I love the photos, the outfit and ... your smiling face!!

  7. What a sweet idea, just combining two different earrings!
    That jacket is fantastic, it looks tailor made since it fits you perfectly!

    Almost Stylish

  8. Fantastic outfit!
    Have a nice day!
    Gil Zetbase

  9. fantastic look Akiko! I want to steal it from you! It looks absolutely perfect! I was so curious to see it 'standing' after seeing the sitting post on your insta