Monday, July 23, 2018

Merlette Black Dress

A trendy long and big dress made by cotton is very comfortable, but I look bigger and fat in the pictures. Although it was hard to find the best photo in the many photos, I enjoyed it because I really love this black dress from Merlette. Whenever I wear this dress, I remember the film,'The Piano'. I first saw the film with my ex-husband over 20 years ago, and I was scared of the black color of a dress on Holly Hunter. He told me, 'I'm look like Harvey Keitel, so I want to get a tattoo on my nose like Harvey!' He was so funny. I recently watched the trailer again, and I realized the black dress was so beautiful and sensual. It is fantastic to see things from different perspectives of experience!

トレンドのビッグシルエットのロングコットンワンピースはゆったり感が心地よくて、ダラダラしたい真夏にぴったり。でも太って見える写真が多く、セレクトが大変でしたけど、このマーレットのワンピースが大好きなので気づいたら夢中になっていました。 さて、このワンピースを着ると映画『ピアノ・レッスン』を毎回思い出します。20年前に初めて観た時は、ホリー・ハンターのドレスの黒色がとても怖くて、一緒に観た当時の夫は、ハーヴェイ・カイテル、かっこいいなあ〜、俺も鼻に入れ墨いれてみよっかな〜とふざけていました。 最近、また予告編を観てみたのですが、あんなに怖かった黒いドレスが、美しく官能的に思えてびっくり。そんな風に経験によって新しい感じ方ができると嬉しくなります。

If you are looking for something to dress in for casual situations when you have to behave a professional, you might like a black dress like mine. When I had a TV rehearsal, it is the first outfit of tida's photos. When I had a meeting with my work, it is the second one.

もし、カジュアルな集まりだけど、専門家として振る舞わなければならない時に何を着てよいか迷ったときは、私の今日のワンピースのように黒のロング丈がおすすめ。 一つ目めのコーディネートは『あさイチ』のリハーサルの時のもので、2つ目のコーディネイトは仕事の打合せで着ました。

First outfit: Merlette dress, Ne Quittez Pas bag, Stella McCartney sandals
Second outfit: Merlette dress, Alvaro sandals, Fossil bag and watch, Kate Spade hat


  1. Lovely dress and cute accessories!
    Kisses, Paola.


  2. gorgeous dress! and the details. Lovely flirty hat, charming sandals (I want them!) and a bag with your print <3 Awesome for summer!

  3. You look so stunning and love your watch so much~

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  4. I never watched this movie but for sure now I will ;-) You look wonderful in this dress my dear, I love your cute hat :-)

  5. The hat is beautiful and goes well with the dress.

    Bernie, xx
    The Style Fanatic

  6. The dress looks comfortable, and what a cute hat.

    Alisha Samson

  7. Oh you look great in this black dress, love it girl

    Kiss kiss.*Jo
    Jo & Company Style

  8. Oooh i know this film, is so beautiful but I watched many years ago, maybe is time to search for it again!

    Love the way you're rocking your black dress, I feel like all people should have a black attire in the closet for emergency situations. And I also love how you're including your fashion illustrations in this outfit, they are definitely the cherry on top to your attire Akiko!

    Hey Fungi Blog