Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Polka Dots Long Dress Form Zara

It has been very hot in Tokyo every day, buttoday's photos were taken on a cold day in April in Saitama which is next to Tokyo. I got this dress from Zara for this summer. That was about 3,000 yen ($30). The polka dots remind me the art of Yayoi Kusama. The design is perfect, but fabric is so young for me. I styled it with my favorite summer items, so I could make a mature outfit. These earrings have a flower motif, and the petals are made by shells. This sisal bag is a beautiful yellow and has a perfect design! I often wear these sneakers, they are very big and neon colored. I think sneakers like them go well with a long tight dress or skirt.

東京は突然、気温が高くなり私もゴローもぐったりです。でも、今日の写真は四月の肌寒い日に埼玉で撮影したので思い出すと少しひんやりしてきます。草間彌生さんのドットのような柄のワンピースはZARAで見つけました。確か三千円くらい。デザインはパーフェクトですが、あまりにもペラペラでしたので、夏のお気に入りアイテムと合わせてグレードアップさせました。イヤリングの花びらは貝殻でできていて、黄色のバッグはサイザルです。ステラの非常に大きなスニーカーは、ロングタイトのスカートやワンピースなどの、I ラインのシルエットにもよく合います。

Zara dress, Ne Quittez Pas bag, Kate Spade earrings, sunglasses, and watch, Stella McCartney shoes, Shinzone jacket


  1. So, so sweet and perfect for city summer!

    Almost Stylish

  2. You look wonderful and radiant in this styling dear!!!

  3. great dress! Can't believe it's Zara! You definitely have a keen eye

  4. Lovely dress and beautiful colors!
    Kisses, Paola.


  5. How nice! It looks comfortable and perfect for hot days too...

  6. You look so classy. Love the dress! Have a great week! xx

  7. Zara is always full of interesting options and everytime I walk in a Zara store I want to buy something (even tho I try to control myself haha). This dress is definitely a good investment and it matches your personality perfectly! Love how you mixed it with sporty shoes ;)

    Hey Fungi Blog