Tuesday, July 10, 2018

TASAKI New Jewelleries & Timepieces Collections 2018

Today's post is a report on the TASAKI New Jewelleries & Timepieces Collections 2018. At the Met Gala in 2018, some celebrities wore Jewelleries that TASAKI designed by Prabal Gurung. You can see about it on the VOGUE JAPAN. last month I went the exhibition, and it was so beautiful! The lights in the space were dim, so I felt like I had walked on the sea floor. TASAKI's pearls were shining in the dark, and I was so inspired by it.

先月、TASAKI New Jewelleries & Timepieces Collections 2018へ行ってきました。METガラ2018では、TASAKIのハイジュエリーを纏ったセレブたちが記憶に新しく、VOGUEのサイトで見られるんですけど、それはもうため息が出る程うっとりなんです。展示会では、薄暗い空間に浮かび上がる数々のジュエリーを堪能させていただきました。まるで神秘の海底を歩いているような気分になりました。

TASAKI has for creative designers, Prabal Gurung, Melanie Georgacopoulos, Marie-Helene de Taillac, and Thakoon Panichgul . You can see beautiful jewelleies by them on the Tasaki official wesite. The last image is Ming Xi's portrait. The name of these earrings by Prabal are 'Watterfall'. So beautiful...

TASAKIは、現在4人のデザイナーさんたちがいます。プラバル・グルン、メラニー・ジョージャコプロス、 マリーエレーヌ・ドゥ・タイヤック、そして、タクーン・パニクガル。詳しくはTASAKIのサイトでご覧いただけます。最後のイラストはMETガラのミン・シー。このプラバルのイヤリングの名前は'Watterfall'っていうんですよ。ほんとうに素敵ですよね。


  1. Thanks for the beautiful post!
    Have a nice day)


  2. I really like how it looks like it's all inspired by the sea and the water, but it is so subtle!

    Almost Stylish

  3. What beautiful pieces and designs. I love the ambiance of the room, the lighting is perfect.


  4. Hey Akiko, hope you're enjoying summer! I was off for a few weeks but now I'm back to the bloggins scene and it is always a pleasure to read your content!

    I love to see how you're showing your talent across different methods and collaborating with many brands across Japan. This jewelry collection inspired by the magic of the sea can't be cutter! I adore how your illustrations are showed here *____*

    Best and thanks for your constant support :)
    Hey Fungi Blog

  5. oh my! those amazing styles are incredibly beautiful! I don't really wear a lot of jewelry but this examples make me want to. Stunning bracelet!