Mini Skirt For Adults Inspired by Kanye West

Hi everyone! It has been very hot in Tokyo, so I change my T-shirt three times a day. Some T-shirts became stretched out because of too much washing, but this one that I got at the Pinterest's event a few years ago has kept its shape. I love Pinterest best the among all social media, because I can organize many files. I have two Pinterest accounts; one is for my insprations, the other one is my illustrations portfolio. Today I pinned many illustrations and articles from magazines I worked with.


I don't feel like wearing a long skirt or long pants, so I thought about a miniskirt for adult women. Long skirts or long pants has been a trend of a few years, so I thought that I shouldn't wear a mini skirt. However I am wearing a mini skirt or short pants because I can't stand hot days. When I go shopping or to a gym except for going to supermarkets around my home, I improve my outfit with small items. I think about what items my resilient skin keeps good balance with, and this time I was inspired by Kanye West. I chose the gorgeous touch screen watch from Fossil, the chic belt from Saint Laurent, and the eclipse sneakers from Stella McCartney. My outfit is like Kanye, isn't it? I have been interested in mens fashion since I have worked with Forza Style, mens fashion web magazine.

暑くてロングスカートや長ズボンを履く気になれませんので、真夏の大人のミニスカートについて考えてみました。こんなにロングのトレンドが続いているとミニの出番は無いかなと思っていましたが、気づいたら毎日、ショートパンツかミニスカート。 でも、部屋着のような格好から街に出る時は、小物でグレードアップしてきちんと感を演出します。 張りの無くなってきた肌とバランスがいい小物は、今回の場合はカニエ・ウェストさんを意識してみました。 ゴージャスなフォッシルのタッチスクリーンウォッチ、サンローランの洗練されたベルト、仕上げはステラのエクリプススニーカー。 どうですか?ちょっとカニエさんっぽいでしょ。 メンズファッションのFORZA STYLEのお仕事が今とても楽しくて、メンズからインスパイアされることが増えてきました。

Pinterest T-shirt, Isabel Marant Étoile skirt, stella mcCartney shoes, Saint Laurent belt


  1. A very nice and stylish look, dear!

  2. You look fantastic in this modern styling, cool shoes my dear!

  3. So cute style!
    Have a nice day!
    Gil Zetbase

  4. Wow 3 times a day Akiko. That's insane! I don't know how I would cope, definitely would not look as chic as you do that's for sure.


  5. You look wonderful also wearing a mini dress! With your perfect silhouette you can wear every kind of clothing!!

    Very hot here too...

  6. How stylish you look Akiko! I used to teach English to Japanese students online and they told me how hot Japan can be esp on summer! I'm so amazed how effortlessly chic you look with your mini skirt and tee. Love that it says Pinterest! I often use the app haha. Oh love your shoes sooo much! That look so fashion forward!

    love lots,


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