Cropped White T-shirt From Uniqlo

The best film that I have seen recently is "Elle s'en va". Catherine Deneuve is the lead actress of the film, and she wore elegant blouses during the daytime. However she got a very big size T-shirt at a supermarket on a road trip. She wore it as a pyjamas. It is probably a men's XXL. Her look is so cool and elegant, so I'll get a similar one Uniqlo near my home. Today's T-shirt is from Uniqlo, too. It has a cropped hem, so it is good around my waist when I tuck the hem in my skirt!


Uniqlo t-shirt, Knott skirt, Pippi Chic shoes, Saint Laurent sunglasse, Fossil watch and bag painted by me


  1. I love your outfit! you look amazing it's really gorgeous!

  2. I love the two pieces together. How tall are you? Makes you super tall. Kisses!

    1. Thank you for your question! I am 5 feet 3.4 inch (163cm).
      Maybe long skirt and high waist make me look tall :)


  3. You look gorgeous in this styling, you have amazing shoes <3

  4. I love your style and that skirt is everything!
    Kisses, Paola.


  5. Super love this laid back summer chic outfit of yours' Akiko! Love how you pair your printed skirt with that shiny heels! <3
    Uniqlo is one of my favorite brands and they always have the most comfortable and functional pieces! <3

    love lots,

  6. This outfit totally represents you, it has the right amount of basic garments and the right amount of powerful prints! Uniqlo is always a good option when it comes to comfy and neutral garments, lately they did a collaboration with JW Anderson and I had the chance to put my hands in one of the pieces :D so happy with it!


  7. So funny, you can get inspired in anything, and this is the funny part of fashion, loved it
    I always love oversized looks too
    But you turn this t-shirt into something fashion and elegant

    Kiss kiss.*Jo
    Jo & Company Style


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