Friday, September 21, 2018

Beautiful Shapes OF Red Booties From Raye And Works By Isamu Noguchi

I got new booties from Raye on Revolve recently. I purchased three pairs shoes for autumn and winter this summer, and their colors are black, navy, and brown. Next, I started to want bright color ones, so I chose these red booties. When I am tired or depressed, red is always such a good choice anytime! On the first day I wore these booties, I went to a wonderful exhibition called Isamu Noguchi: From Sculpture to Body and Garden, although I changed to sneakers in the place to prevent heel's noise. To be honest, I didn't understand his work when I was a student. However I had been interested in him because I really love his looks and identity. I read the issue about him of some magazines and I started to love his work, then I got a coffee table designed by him. After that I got a lamp called 'Akari' made from Japanese paper. I have had got 5 Akaris in my life. My son made holes in two of them. Anyway, I think the shape of his work is similar to these booties from Raye. I think that both products have simple, elegant, and bold shapes, and I would love to wear them and live around objects made from these shapes.

秋冬用の靴はすでに真夏のうちに3足も購入していたのですが、それらの色が黒、茶、紺でしたので、明るい色も追加することにしました。 その靴が、本日のこの真っ赤なRaye のブーティです。Revolveで見つけました。 赤色のアイテムは、疲れたときや落ち込んだときに、甘い物を食べなくても身につけるだけで元気がでてきます♡ この靴を初めて履いた日に、ずっと行きたかった展覧会、『イサム・ノグチ ―彫刻から身体・庭へ―』に行ってきました。 足音がうるさくなるといけないので、会場内では、コンバースに履き替えましたよ。 イサム・ノグチの作品は、実を言うと学生の頃は理解できず、ブルータスなどの雑誌の特集で知った彼の美しいお顔や華やかな女性遍歴に惹かれて興味が湧き始め、気づいたら作品も大好きになっていました。 初めに有名なコーヒーテーブルを購入して、Akariはこれまでに5つ買いました。そのうち、2つは息子に破られました。 偶然ですが、イサム・ノグチの作品と、このRayeのブーティの形が似ているような気がします。 どちらもシンプルで、上品で、大胆なフォルム。 いつも好きなものを身につけて、好きなものに囲まれて暮らしたいです。

Uniqlo T-shirt, Tan skirt, Saint Laurent bag and sunglasses, booties from Raye


  1. Love your review as always )) You look amazing my dear!

  2. Awesome!!!
    Have a nice week-end!
    Gil Zetbase

  3. Nice shoes and a wonderfull exhibition. I like the link to the museum, it gives so much information about Isamo Niguchi, thanks for sharing! His house in Tkamatsu Mure is also a great place to visit.

    1. Not written by inknown but by Josephine from Holland

    2. Thank you for your lovely comment!!
      I would love to visit Mure in a year!
      I am glad to share with you about Isam Noguchi <3


  4. The Red Booties with that skirt = absolute perfection. And the exhibition is wonderful, thanks for introducing me to an artist I've not known before.

  5. art looks beautiful but you look even better. Crazy about your shoes, I want them!

  6. First of all the exhibition looks very interesting!

    And those shoes are definitely a dream *__* I feel like they could bring an instant punch and strong personality to every outfit. By the way, seeing your art displayed in the paper bag is really motivating and inspiring as an illustrator :D

    Best, Akiko!