Kitazawa Hachiman Shrine Festival 2018

Hi everyone! I dedicated a traditional Japanese dance to the god of the Kitazawa Hachiman Shrine a week before. There were many people at the shrine festival, and I was so happy to perform. Thank you to everyone who came in spite of bad weather!


I wore this pink kimono which my teacher gave me and this Nishijin fabric obi made by Yasujiro Yamaguchi. The kimono was embroidered with pine needles, and you can see them in the last photo. The harmony of two pines, one is this kimono, the other is the Noh stage, is so beautiful! My teacher got the kimono from one of her students, so some people have worn this kimono. I can imagine the kimono's adventure. I got it about 15 years ago. At that time, the kimono didn't suit me, and the color was too young for me. I decide not to let it go and Time flew by. Last year, I started to want to wear a pink kimono. I wore it, and the pink color made my face brilliant! So I was so excited. I really love the moment when some items in my closet suddenly suit me after not suiting me for a long time. It was the most exciting experience in my kimono life. So I can't stop wearing kimonos. Unfortunately, this kimono was stained with something brown around the back hem. However I thought it would not stand out when I wore it on the stage for this festival. For my programs, I performed two programs, that both themes were for celebration. I used a fan like pick and like hugging a baby, but nobody noticed it. Next year, I will post on my blog the explanation about my program before the performance! Anyway, you can see my other photos after this performance on the facebook of Chika Kimura who who is a Hair and Make-up Artist and Wasoh kitsuke (provides help for people to put on a kimono).

今回の衣装は、最初の師匠にいただいたピンクの色無地に山口安次郎さんの西陣織の袋帯を合わせました。着物には、美しい松の刺繍が入っていて、最後の写真が一番分かりやすいかと思います。能舞台の立派な松との調和も見事でした。師匠から、その着物はお弟子さんから譲り受けたものだと聞きました。つまり、この着物は色んな人のところを巡り巡り、15年くらい前に私のところにやってきたのです。 その当時は、このピンクの着物が似合わず若作りに見えたので、誰かに譲ろうかどうしようか迷っているうちに、いつしかこんなに年月が流れていました。 去年あたりから、手持ちの着物が寒色系ばかりなので、無性にピンクの色無地を誂えたくなってきました。試しにこの着物を纏ってみると、くすんだ顔色が、一瞬でぱあっと明るく見えたので手放さなくてよかったです。眠っていた着物が蘇る瞬間の、この高揚感は着物好きの方には伝わると思うのですが、今回の体験は今までで最高の着物マジックでした!だから着物をやめられないのですね。 着物の後ろの裾に小さな茶色のシミがあるので着る機会は限られてしまいますが、舞台では気にならないと思い衣装にしました。演目は、吉村流の基本の「高砂」と、初めて舞う「芋頭」。芋頭は、扇子を子孫にみたてて、赤ちゃんを抱いたり背負ったりするシーンが多くあります。舞にお詳しくない方でも楽しめるかなあと思っていたのですが、残念ながらどなたにも気づいてもらえませんでした…。来年は、もっと余裕を持って見どころを事前にお知らせしますね。 舞台後のオフショットはヘアメイクアーティストで和装着付けのちかさんのfacebookでご覧いただけますので、そちらも是非お楽しみくださいませ♡


  1. Wow this looks amazing!! Thanks for the beautiful post!

  2. This is so beautiful! I love going to cultural festivals like this one!

  3. You look like a goddess in this styling my dear!!! So beautiful!!!!

  4. Amazing festival, you're so beautiful and I love your kimono dress!
    Kisses, Paola.


  5. Hello Akiko,

    First of all (delayed) congratulations for your birthday, hope you had a lovely day :D

    And this pictures couldn't be more beautiful! One of my desires is to spend a month in Japan and pamper in its culture!

    Best regards Akiko and thanks for your constant support!


  6. You look radiantly beautiful in your pink Kimono Akiko! I wish to see you dance soon! Pretty sure you dance gracefully. You have a very beautiful and unique culture that I admire so much! Wish I could visit Japan someday and witness one of your grand festivals soon!

    love from the Philippines

  7. This kimono is lovely and pink is a beautiful colour. Your look is so sophisticated!!

    I always love knowing more about Japanese traditions ...


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