Friday, October 12, 2018

Thigh-high Boots From Manolo Blahnik

My dog, Goro hasn't been himself. He drunk a lot of water and kept using the bathroom many times. Furthermore, he wet his bed. I wondered if his kidney was bad or if he had thyroid disease. I was sad and cried a lot, so I took him to a veterinary clinic. I got his results and they weren't that bad. I was so relieved. The doctor cautioned me that his cholesterol level is too high. It reminded me of my ex-husband whose face looks like Goro. He can't eat many kinds of food because of his high cholesterol level. It is so funny that they have a lot of similarities. If you want to know about them more, you can read my comic book, "KUROIHUUHU" where I drew about the first time they met. This book is written in Japanese, so I'm planning on translating it in English.

先月からゴローの様子が少しずつおかしくなってきて、お水を大量に飲み、おしっこも大量で、さらにお漏らしもひどくなってきたので、病院で検査してもらいました。 腎臓や甲状腺の病気が心配で泣けてきて、いざという時の覚悟をしていましたが検査結果はコレステロール値だけが異常だったので安心しました。 少し前にゴローに顔がそっくりな元夫Sさんに会ったのですが、Sさんもコレステロール値が高すぎて食事制限をしているのだそう。 どこまでもそっくりでおかしかったです。そんなことがあったりしたので、 『黒い夫婦』の中で、Sさんとゴローが初めて会った印象的なシーンも思い出しました。 今すぐ知りたい方は、Kindleで!

Yesterday, I found out my results of my annual health check. The doctor told me I am in good health. I used to get sick all the time, but now I control myself and I can enjoy and relax due to my health and mental. However I yelled at a staff member who abused his authority at a Tax Office for tax return of my company last week. I didn't know how to do e-tax, so I had to go to the Tax Office this time. In Japan, bad staff workers are decrease, but there are stil some villains. I was devastated, but I remembered these thigh-high boots from Manolo Blahnik that I got the end of this summer and I became excited. If I wore them like Catwoman, to see the tax staff, they were too scared to stand up! I started to be looking forward to going to the Tax Office next time.

昨日は、私の健康診断の結果が出ました。どこも異常がなくて先生にほめられました。30代後半から若いときの無理がたたっていろんな病気になったけど、やっと自分の体のコントロールできてきたような手応えを感じます。でも、やっぱり時々失敗してしまって、先日は北沢税務署の職員のパワハラに我慢できず怒鳴ってくたびれました。 まだ電子申告のやり方がわからないので、来年頭にまた年末調整の申告で税務署に行かなくてはいけません。 すごく気が重かったのですが、今年の夏の終わりにお買い物した、この強そうなマノロのサイハイブーツをキャットウーマンのように履いていったら、あの人たち腰を抜かすことでしょう。そんなことを想像してみたら、今からとても楽しみになってきました。 来年、結果をご報告しますね。

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  1. This look is super from head to toe!! You look stunning!

  2. So chic in total black, I love your boots!
    Kisses, Paola.


  3. Fabulous outfit!
    Have a nice week-end!
    Gil Zetbase

  4. Thanks, Gil <3
    Have a great week!!


  5. I've already said it, dear Akiko, you are the most stylish dog walker out there.