Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Great Exhibition : Alvaro Aalto - Second Nature

I love modern architecture because the designs are simple, sharp, and bold. It is refreshing! Last month, I took a day trip with a friend of mine, Kuni chan. She planned the trip, and it was so great! We went to the Alvaro Aalto Exhibition. He was a Finnish architect and designer (1898 – 1976).
モダニズム建築のシンプルでシャープで大胆なところが大好きです。写真を眺めるだけでリフレッシュできます。先月、建築に詳しい友人のくにちゃんがコーディネイトしてくれた日帰り旅行で、初めて県立近代美術館 葉山へいってきました。開館15周年記念の「アルヴァ・アアルト〜もう一つの自然」は、撮影可能のお部屋があったので、本日はアルヴァ・アアルト (1898 – 1976)の魅力をお届けしますね。

I don't have furniture or products designed by him, but I am interested in his work. It has natural color and bold blank space like Galactic orbit. Before going to the exhibition, I collected many images on Pinterest, for example, his office, personal living room, etc... They inspire me when I plan redecorating my home. Anyway, I met Kuni chan at Zushi station at noon and had lunch at Hikagejaya which is a very beautiful Japanese restaurant. After that, we went to the Kanagawa museum by bus. The museum was so comfortable, and we had a quiet hour in the beautiful space. I memorized that atmosphere. Speaking of my outfit, these pants are from The Row which I found at Barneys New York in Ginza last month. I had been looking for neat pants for a long time because there were unique pants in my closet. It was my first time wearing them when I took this day trip, and they were suitable for the exhibition.

アアルトの家具も小物も持っていませんが、彼が創り出す空間はずっと気になっていました。家具のナチュラルな色と大胆なブランクスペースはまるで銀河の軌道のよう。アアルト展へ行く前に予習も兼ねて、Pinterestで彼に関する画像をたくさん集め始めたら、インスピレーションが湧き上がってきて止まらなくなりました。当日は、お昼に逗子駅でくにちゃんと待ち合わせをしてタクシーで日影茶屋へ。素敵なランチの後、バスで美術館へ行きました。とても静かで心地の良いお庭をのんびり散歩してから、アアルト展へ。言葉が見つからないくらい、それはもう素晴らしかったです。ずっと気になっていたアアルトの空間を肌で感じることができて、その感覚を忘れないように家に大事に持ち帰りました。さて、最後に、お洋服のお話です。パンツはザ・ロウです。いつの間にか、手持ちのパンツが全部、面白いパンツばかりになっていたので、きちんとしたパンツをずっと探していたら銀座のバーニーズにありました! この日、初めて履いたのですが、アアルト展にぴったりで嬉しくなりました。


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    1. Thank you, Maria❤️
      It is really wonderful exhibition!!!


  2. Wonderful venue and great exhibition, Akiko! Love that mixture of simplicity and clean lines with the nature. It seems that there a lot of cultural experiences to have around Japan, right? I'm dying to go!

    PS: You look terrific in those pants :D Really love your wide pants and how you combined it with the polka dots texture :)


  3. Spending a day out with a friend is nice and the exhibition sounds very interesting. I love architecture both modern and ancient.
    Alvar Aalto is one of the best and most known modern architects. For sure you had a great day!

  4. Nice post, and I like your corporate dressing.

    Bernie, xx
    The Style Fanatic

  5. Excellent post (as always)!Thank you very much :)

  6. It is beautiful. Love your outfit too

  7. Thanks for the beautiful post!
    Have a nice day)

  8. What an amazing place to enjoy art and architecture. Just the sort of outing I enjoy.