Friday, November 23, 2018

Faux Fur Jacket From By The Way. At Revolve

Black Friday started on 11/23 and it's up to 50% off sale on Revolve! I got this faux fur jacket from By The Way. at Revolve recently, and it is so comfortable and warm. Tokyo is warm in autumn, but I think we want to wear a fur jacket or coat. If it is too hot during the daytime, it is easy to take off because this is really light!
本日11/23からブラックフライデーのセールがREVOLVEでスタートしました。最近、REVOLVEで見つけた素敵なアイテムは、 BY THE WAY. のフェイクファージャケット。肌触りも最高で幸せになるほど温かいんですよ。東京は、まだ暖かい秋が続いているけど、そろそろ皆さまもきっとファーを着たくてたまらなくなってきた頃かなあって思います。もし日中暑くなってきても、このジャケットはすごく軽いので着脱がとっても簡単です。

By The Way coat, Uniqlo knit, The Dallas pants, Dries Van Noten boots

I wore this faux fur jacket and had dinner with my son at a steak restaurant. I was so tired and I had eye bags, so I copied a picture of these sunglasses from Le Specs on Revolve and pasted it on my face in the second picture. I am getting to want the sunglasses, too! Anyway, there are lots of beautiful faux jacket and coats from Revolve, so I recommended them for your shopping! No.2 image is same as mine!

先日、息子と近所のレストランへ行った時に、早速このファージャケットを着て行きました。私はとても疲れていてクマがひどかったので、REVOLVEで見つけたLe Specsのサングラス画像をコピペして二枚目の写真にコピペしました。よく似合っているので、このサングラスも欲しくなってきてしまいました。 最後に、REVOLVEから他にも素敵なフェイクファーを集めてみましたので、是非、お買い物の参考にしてみてくださいね♡2番が私とお揃いですよ。ファーのピンク色の部分ですが、私の画像では室内の茶色のせいでライトブラウンに見えますが、実際は上品なくすみピンクです。 br>br>

1. NYC フェイクファージャケット Lovers + Friends ¥28161 税抜 2. SHILOH フェイクファージャケット by the way. ¥11128 税抜 3. NYC フェイクファージャケット Lovers + Friends ¥28161 税抜 4. KAELYN フェイクファーコート MAJORELLE ¥28161 税抜 5. REBECCA ジャケット Tularosa ¥24754 税抜 6. MAXIMILIAN フェイクファーコート House of Harlow 1960 ¥33838 税抜


  1. A great post! <3
    I am following you and invite you to me

    1. Thank you, Karolina!
      I will stop your blog soon!!


  2. Can we talk about how stylish you are?!!! Great look Akiko!
    Kisses, Paola.


  3. I love your outfit! you look amazing!

  4. I love Revolve so much. They have the most stunning pieces!

  5. Hey dear Akiko, you're always spotting the best events and deals!

    I have seen that Revolve is always doing activities and collaborations with bloggers, they have a lot of cool things and statement pieces and I love your outfit, this colorful fur jacket is definitely a nice thing to have in Winter (is it too cold in Japan too?)

    And about Le Specs I love this brand too!

    Have a lovely day ahead,

  6. Super cool jacket!!!
    You look so stylish!

  7. May be it has something with my origin but I do think you rock faux fur perfectly. It always looks so flashy and chic!