Thursday, November 15, 2018

Minotti's Cocktail Party For Their 70th Anniversary

Last month, I was invited to the high-end Italian furniture manufacturer Minotti's cocktail party for their 70th anniversary. Before the party, I had lunch with a friend of mine who works with Minotti. She told me, "Minotti sofas' legs are so thin and beautiful. The depth of the seat is very huge, but don't sit back. I saw a beautiful woman who sat on the edge and had good posture." I saw lots of Minotti's sofas at the party, and I could understand what she said. When I sat on some sofas, I straightened myself although it was very relaxing. As a result, my behavior was graceful.

イタリアの高級家具ブランドMinotti、70周年カクテルパーティに先月、招待していただきました。 パーティの少し前に、Minottiさんとお仕事をしているお友達と会うことがあり、「椅子の脚が細くて美しいの、ソファは大きくて座面の奥行もあって、でも、姿勢良く浅く座るのが素敵な座り方なのよ」とMinottiの魅力を教えてもらいました。 ほんとうにその通りで、いくつもの美しい椅子の脚を眺めながら、好きなソファーを選んで座らせていただきました。 大胆でエレガントな座りごごちに、自然と所作も優雅になります。

I tried to sit on fantastic sofas designed by one of the Minotti project team, the electric Japanese studio Nendo, directed by Oki Sato. I really love their series, Tape and Ring! The dress code was cocktail attire, so I chose a blue dress that has an open neckline. I thought it was too open for this party because Minotti is so luxurious, elegant, and chic. Therefore, I pinned with a brooch and covered up cleavage. For a finishing touch I wore a luxury jacket. I don't like stockings, but I wore Pierre Mantoux stockings for the manner. There were many people from the press, and I saw editors of Takarajimash, which is a Japanese publishing company. I often work with the company. I was glad to take a photo with cool people like them!

Minottiコレクションに、日本からはnendo(佐藤オオキ)さんも参加されていて、TapeとRingのシリーズは大変素晴らしかったです。 ソファのクッションには起き上がりこぼしのように立つ仕掛けもあるんですよ。 ドレスコードはカクテル アタイアです。 胸元が大胆にカットされたデザインのお気に入りの紺色のドレスをチョイスしましたが、今回はMinottiさんの洗練された世界観を考えると 少しセクシーすぎるかなと感じたので、そういう時はブローチで留めて仕上げに上質なジャケットを羽織りました。 ストッキングはミラノの最高級レッグウェアブランド、ピエールマントゥーです。 パーティにはマスコミ関係者の方も多く、帰りにいつもお世話になっている宝島社さんのMonomasterとMonomaxの編集さんたちと素敵な記念撮影しました。


  1. Great post dear, so nice and interesting, love it!

  2. Interesting post dear! thanks for sharing

  3. Beautiful sofas!
    I love the color of your dress, you're always so chic!
    Kisses, Paola.


  4. What a wonderful time and I love your illustrations! xx


  5. Really beautiful furniture. Love that there was even live music playing!

  6. What a lovely party. I like the way you've added your characters as guests, I'm sure that they were amusing company and had interesting things to say.

  7. Hey dear Akiko, what a lovely event! I like your blog because you're always invited to the best parties and events as the city, and I really adore to look at your illustrated characters having a fun time at the event.

    I've heard about these sofas, they look so comfortable and beyond stylisth, seems like the perfect furniture to add to a modern apartment!


  8. Everything sounds perfect in your evening event! Minotti's furniture is a very good example of timeless style and very sophisticated shapes...

    You look great!