Saturday, November 10, 2018

Pink Mules From Esperanza And Collaborated Novelty Cocoa Cigarette

I collaborated with Esperanza that is a popular shoes brand in with young Japanese girls. Kiko Mizuhara has also collaborated with them! This time, Esperanza designed and I drew illustrations for two packages of novelty candy, Cocoa Cigaret that is a famous and nostalgic candy in Japan. I posted some images on my Instagram!
日本の若い女の子に人気のシューズブランド、エスペランサさんとノベルティをコラボレーションしました。水原希子ちゃんもコラボしている、とてもおしゃれなブランドです。私のインスタグラム でもアップしていますが、懐かしいココアシガレットのパッケージイラストを2パターン描かせていただきました。

The day before yesterday, I purchased these pink mules at the Esperanza shop near my home. Their shop in a department store, Luminest, marketed for young girls. If you would love to feel a girly Japanese atmosphere, it is one of the best department store. Curiously, there is a traditional kimono's shop on the same floor of Esperanza. Walking many shops for young girls with loud music, I sometimes go there to buy tabi (kimono socks). I was used to the department store, but I was a little nervous to go shopping in the Esperanza shop. Then I took my son, he is 20 years old. I enjoyed with my son in the shop. Suddenly, he felt embarrassed the customers were all females except for him. He went out the shop and rested near an escalator. I was into shopping, so I was fine without him. At last, I found perfect pink mules!! They reminded me of an article on The Zoe Report. I read unique mules are one of the trendest shoes. The pink mules have a V cut design around the instep, and a part of the heels are painted gold. There are cushions in the insoles, and they are a reasonable price! The shop for young girls has evolved. Anyway, our collaborative candy boxes were decorating some places in the shop. Speaking of the two package's colors, one is red, the other one is green. They are Christmas colors! When you buy shoes at Esperanza shop, you can get the novelty candy. I'll also give you these red and green Cocoa Cigarette candy for 10 followers! Send email to with your name, address, phone number, and follower's account name!!

P.S. Thank you for your application for my present campaign! I got 10 applications, so the campaign has finished. It will take about 2 weeks from Japan to your country!!

一昨日、家から一番近い新宿のエスペランサで、このピンクのミュールをお買物しました。新宿のLUMINESTの4階にあるんですけど、いつも若い女の子でいっぱい。元気な音楽がガンガンかかっていて、その中をくぐりぬけるとお気に入りのお店、和装小物の津田屋さんがあります。LUMINESTへは行き慣れていても、初めてのエスペランサへは少し緊張したので、20歳のアンジさんについて来てもらいました。お店に入ると、オンラインサイトで見ていた以上に、どの靴もキラキラ眩しくて、どれにしようかなかなか決められません。すると、アンジさんが女性ばかりの空間に具合が悪くなって、退場しました。私は、お買い物スイッチが入ったのでいつの間にか一人でも平気になっていました。お店の中を一周すると、目の前にきれいなピンクのミュールが!先日チェックしたThe Zoe Reportの、この秋トレンドの靴の記事にも出ていた個性的なミュールです。甲の部分のVカットがトレンディーで、ヒール部分のゴールドもぎらついた感じにはならずにエレガント。履かせていただくと中敷きにはクッションも入っていました。こんなにパーフェクトでお値段もかわいくて、ヤングなショップの進化に驚きました。 私のイラストのノベルティもいろんなところに飾られていて嬉しかったです。パッケージは赤色と緑色の二種類なので、これからのクリスマスシーズンにぴったり。全国のエスペランサでお買物するともらえるので、是非お近くのショップをのぞいてみてくださいね♡私からは、SNSのフォロワーさまの中から先着10名様に、赤と緑をセットでプレゼントしたいと思います。お名前、ご住所、電話番号、メールアドレス、フォローしていただいているSNSのアカウント名を、 担当の中村まで、どしどしご応募ください。お待ちしております♡ 


Forte Forte coat, Equipment shirt, Uniqlo pants, Esperanza shoes, Gallery 1950 x Kaneko Optical sunglasses


  1. Wow!! This look is super from head to toe!! You look stunning!

  2. Beautiful mules! So chic and bright. I absolutely love it. My, I need new mules. It was totally worth your and your son's time.
    The giveaway is great! I loved candy cigarettes when I was little because my parents smoked back than, haha.

  3. Super stylish, as usual! I love your pink mules and that camel coat!
    Kisses, Paola.


  4. perfect shoes dear! :) and the whole outfit is nice

  5. love the shoes so much!
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    XX Eva

  6. This is so inspiring! I love the post:)
    Dilek ...

  7. I think you look amazing, these shoes are so pretty! I love the fact that they're pink, so you can always spice up even the most classic, monochromatic look with them xx


  8. Another gorgeous look, dear Akiko. I love the pink shoes with the polka dot shirt. For myself, I never wear mules, I don't feel that they give enough support when you walk, but these are so beautiful I would forgive the discomfort :-)

  9. your shoes are so cute and gorg
    looks really love
    nice post

  10. Super stylish as usual, Akiko! You always have great minimalistic look with an unexpected funny and colorful touch.... the pop of color in the shoes is definitely the cherry on top to the look, and beyond that they look comfortable :)

    PS: Love the picture where the coat is getting away with the wind, looks like an image from a fashion editorial ;)