Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Outfit Idea When the Climate is Constantly Changing

It's always December, but today it suddenly became warm like Spring. I always check the weather forecast recently. This knit is very warm, so I started to sweat when I walked for a few minutes. I felt like that I put lots of disposable heat packs in my clothes. I was embarrassed. Then I chose a camisole or tank top that it is alright when I wear them outside. I love this braless camisole from Aularee because it is the most beautiful camisole. However I've worn it many times, so the shape changed. I layered it on a camisole with bra pads from Soupleluz. These pads are almost positive circle like a bowl. I realized two beautiful pads changed the shape of the stretched camisole. I was excited that it was beautiful!


This bag embroideried with a lobster is from Chloe. Carrie of SATC has an another shape from the same collection! You can see in the SATC official book, 'Kiss And Tell'. I have posted about this bag here and there on this blog. It looks big, but the inside is small. I use it at a decoration in my dressing room and put expensive tights in it. The lining is velvet, so the bag is good for them. Anyway, The National Art Center was holding the Louvre exhibition when I had a photo shoot there. I also enjoyed an amazing photo booth!

ロブスターのクロエのバッグは、SATCのキャリーが形違いのを持っていて、SATC本にも出ていたので大事に使っています。このブログでは二回登場していました。ここと、ここです。見た目ほど物が入らないので衣装部屋のオブジェとして飾っていますけど、そういうバッグがいくつかあるほうがファッションは楽しいですよね。裏地がベルベッドなので高級タイツの保管場所にしています。 撮影をした日は、新国立美術館でルーブル展がやっていて入り口にはなんと、名画と一緒になれるフォトブースもありましたよ。

Gallardagalante knit, Auralee camisole and skirt, Chloe bag, Fossil watch, Oscar De La Renta necklace, Dries Van Noten boots


  1. Such a helpful post! In my city the climate its super changing too.
    Loved the color combo with that bright pink and brown ♥


  2. I love the bright pink sweater. So pretty and girlie!


  3. A very nice and stylish look, dear!

  4. This is a very original and stylish outfit, dear!
    Love especially your pink sweater!
    beautiful photos, as well!

  5. Such a great color combo, I love your style Akiko! Super cute bag!
    Kisses, Paola.