Saturday, December 01, 2018

Pink in Kagurazaka

A scenario writer, Katsuko Okura, and I went to Kagurazaka for a party. First, we had tea at Akagijaya that is in the Akagi shrine which is called the most stylish shrine in Japan. Katsuko really love movies by Yasujirō Ozu. Although I have seen only two films by him, I wanted her to enjoy and I wore kimono like Michiyo Kogure who appeared in Ozu's film. The title is 'The Flavor of Green Tea over Rice', that is my favorite one in Ozu's film. Katsuko asked me to use my LeicaQ, so lent it for her. She took a lots of great photos for my blog.


I styled a kimono with this vivid pink stole, and I think it was so beautiful in these scenery. It was cloudy, and there was a great architecture by Kengo Kuma . It is famous that his works are made of lots of wood. Orange color of the torii gate went well with pink off my stole, too! After cafe, we've still got some time, so we we had dinner at a galette restaurant. We couldn't stop to talk together, so the party that is our first purpose was finished after dinner. We found 'Paul' that is good cafe, and we talked again until it was closed. Anyway, Katsuko is also a photographer for my kimono book which was published 9 years ago. Next year is 10th Anniversary! I'm planning to wear a kimono when I got 10 years ago and compare with an outfit of the same kimono in my book. I would like to post about it, and I hope you also want to wear kimono!

ストールはピンクにして大正解。曇りの神楽坂の哀愁漂うグレーの中に、隈研吾氏の美しい和の建築、そしてショッキングピンクがアクセントになりました。鳥居のオレンジ色とも相性が良くて、おしゃれな神社がさらにおしゃれになりました。 カフェの後、パーティまでまだ時間があったので、ガレットが有名なレストランで軽く夕ご飯。おしゃべりに花が咲きすぎて、その後あわてて駆け込んだパーティは終わっていました。でも、帰り道にPAULを見つけて閉店時間までお茶をして解散。 ところで、10年前に加津子さんが撮影をしてくれた『お洒落きものイズム』が来年は10周年なんです。だから何かしたいなあって思っていて、例えば、10年前に着た着物を今、着てみたらどんな風になるのか比べてみたり。きっと、いろんな発見があると思うのです。来年は、そういった内容の着物の記事を月イチで連載を予定しています。最近、着物を着ていない方々にも、また着てみようかなって気持ちになってくれたら嬉しいです。

Erizen kimono and obi, Kate Spade stole and earrings, Saint Laurent bag


  1. I love the pop of hot pink color from the shawl! It works nicely with interesting but very modest print of your kimono.
    By the way, are dots a modern uptake on kimono or it was around in the old times as well?

  2. You look beautiful. And so does the dinner :-)

  3. look super amazing...thx for sharing