Saturday, January 19, 2019

New iMac And iPad Pro In My Small Home Office

My home office still isn't perfect, but I love it and it reflects my basic style. I am temperamental, so there is different color furniture in my home. I have two themes, colorful rooms and simple rooms. The theme of my office space is simple. The main colors are white, black and gold. The cherry wood floor is brown, but I decided it is a kind of gold because the floor shines in the sunlight. The tension colors are red and pink. I found these Eames tables and these George Nelson Bubble Lamps at my favorite interior shop, Gallery 1950. Unfortunately, the lamp was ripped up by my son. I got this Eames chair at The Conran Shop. At the end of last year, I bought a new iMac and iPad Pro. There were my old iMac and Mac Book Air with new items on the table in a while. It was like a cockpit. I look like a master of computer, don't I? Anyway, I gave my sister the old iMac. I also wanted to give her the Mac Book Air because I got the iPad Pro. However, I didn't buy a keyboard for the iPad, so I couldn't type quickly. I thought I still needed my Mac Book Air. I read that Photoshop for iPad Pro will be released this year on internet news. I can't wait. I use the Adobe Sketch app, but it isn't good for me, so I'll get the Procreate app.

やっと、ホームオフィスが理想の形になってきました。 なかなか居心地のいいインテリアにならなかったのは、気分屋の性格のせいで家中にいろんな色が氾濫していたから。そこで、カラフルな部屋と色数を絞り込んだ部屋に分けたことで、やっと居心地のいいインテリアに近づいてきました。このオフィススペースは、ゴールド、白、黒、差し色にピンクと赤の色数少なめのインテリアです。桜の木のブラウンは、光の加減でキラキラするので、ゴールドと同じトーンに入れています。イームズテーブルと息子に破られたジョージ・ネルソンのバブルランプはGallery1950で、イームズチェアはコンランショップです。実は、去年の年末に 新しいiMacと初めてのiPad Proを購入しました。しばらくデスク周りは古いiMacとMac Book Airもあり、まるでコックピットのようでした。すごくコンピュータに詳しそうな人みたいでしょ。データの整理が終わって、5年前のiMacは妹にあげました。iPad ProがあればAirもあげていいかなって思ったのですが、iPad Pro用のキーボードが重たそうだったので購入するのをやめたら、テキストを打つのに時間がかかってしまい、Airはまだ手放せそうにありません。今年、iPad ProのPhotoshopが発売されるのも楽しみです。今はAdobe Sketchを使っていますが、思うように描けないのでProcreateに変える予定です。

I wore a houndstooth check print dress and a white cardigan from Kate Spade. I really love the ribbon at the back of the dress. As a finishing touch, I wore these velvet shoes from Valentino that feel classic. It goes well with these Rococo flames. Recently I've been working at home for a long time with my dog, Goro. His birthday is the 8th of January, and he is 14 years old. I want to spend as much time with him. I would like to show you color pictures of Goro. The floor is very dirty because he always licks it, and my close-up face is terrible, so I converted it to monochrome. This year, I will post about my small house many time. Which room would you like to see?

この日の千鳥格子柄のドレスとカーディガンは去年のケイト・スペードです。背中のリボンがお気に入り。足元にバレンティノのベルベットのフラットシューズを合わせて ちょっとクラッシクに仕上げました。ロココ調の 絵のフレームとも合っていますよね。 最近は、五郎と一緒に家で仕事をする時間がますます増えてきました。五郎は1月8日に14歳になりました。出来るだけ一緒にいたいなあと思います。五郎の写真がモノクロなのは、五郎が四六時中床を舐めて汚いからです。もう一枚の方は、私のアップがおぞましすぎたのでモノクロにしました。今年は、こんな風に家の記事もたくさん投稿していく予定です。見たいお部屋がありましたらリクエストしてくださいね。

Kate Spade dress and cardigan, Oscar De LA Renta earrings , Valentino shoes


  1. A very nice and stylish look, dear!

  2. Such a lovely place with a perfect organization!
    Btw, I love your maxi dress!
    Kisses, Paola.


    1. Thank you for your lovely comment, Paola!!
      I would love more maxi dresses :)


  3. White, black and some gold is a really sophisticated combination of colours and your office looks a comfortable place where to work.
    Needless to say that your maxi dress with bow detail is delightful...

    A special hug to Goro!

  4. Excellent post (as always)!Thank you very much :) xx

  5. So this is where the magic happens :-)

  6. Oooh woow your office really really amazed me Akiko! It is like a really inspiring place for a creative illustrator like you, actually I'm still in that process where I am searching for the perfect studio in the city, since the actual I have do not have a lot of light :( I'll tell you when that happen and I'll definitely come back to this blog post :D


  7. Your home office looks so cozy! I would totally enjoy some working there! Furry friends always around to offer some help

  8. Oh my, your office looks so pretty Akiko! I always admire your taste - minimalist yet so elegant. I love those artworks hanged on your wall. I am down for that house tour! Oh, and an office tour would be awesome! <3

    love lots,