Saturday, January 05, 2019

A Buddhist Temple, Toyokawa Inari

Happy New Year! How was your Holiday? I went to Toyokawa Inari, a Buddhist temple, near my parent's home. The temple is famous for praying for prosperous business, so many people come there when the economy is experiencing a downturn. The Japanese economy has been experiencing a downturn since 1992, so Toyokawa Inari has been crowded since then. I chose this kimono called 'Oshima Tsumugi' that is dyed with mud. This pink bag is from Kate Spade that I got last month at the preview capsule collection event. Although I often choose a thick cashmere stole, this was the first time that I styled a kimono with this fur. I have posted two outfits with this fur before, and you can see them here and here.

Kate Spade launches this fantastic bag on the 23rd of this month at shops in Japan although I'm not sure about other countries. It is so fun when I lock and unlock the big heart in the middle of the big spade. Whenever I meet people, I show this lovely trick to them. I think that this bag is so bold and elegant, and I feel brave and I get a feeling of optimism from the bag. I really love Kate Spade's concepts. I heard that the green one was sold out soon at the preview capsule collection event, so you should go to the shop as soon as possible if you want it!
This year, I'll post funny and elegant fashion articles, and I would also love to introduce many great places in Tokyo. I hope you would enjoy them!!
この素敵なケイトのバッグは、1月23日からお店で発売されます。大きなスペードの頭を回すとハートになってロックされる仕掛けが本当に楽しくて、新年のご挨拶に伺う度に、このスペードロックキーの開け閉めを披露してきました。大胆でエレガント、勇敢で楽観的、ケイト・スペードにしかない世界観が凝縮されているバッグです。 都内の先行発売では、グリーンがすぐ完売してしまったそうですので、グリーンが欲しいか方は早めにお店に行かれるのがいいかも♡


  1. Fantastic post and beautiful photos!
    I love your outfit! you look amazing!!!

    Happy New Year! :)

  2. the new bag is very stylish!
    Pink is the colour that I prefer at the moment hence many new accessories in that colour popped up in my closet recently...

    A very Happy New Year to you, dear! I hope it is full of everything you desire

    You look elegant indeed!

    I am wondering if you too celebrate the new year on the 1st of January in Japan...

  3. Nice post Dear.
    Love for this new year.
    Dilek .

  4. look super amazing...thx for sharing honey...:-)

  5. this temple is so beautiful! And I definitely like your kimono, perfect pattern for winter, it reminds of shooting stars