Monday, February 04, 2019

Shopping And Dinner Around East Shinjuku

On Saturaday, it is always crowded in Shinjuku in Tokyo where it takes 10 minutes by train from my home station. First, I decided places I wanted to go shopping to not catch the ful. I went to Sekaido that is an art supply store , and Isetan that is a huge department store with my son and his wife.

This knit wear's materials are wool and alpaca, but the design is mouton. It is interesting! This big coat jacket from Carven was mouton, so my upper body was bigger. After I gave my sister my white coats, my outfits are often dark colors. I wanted to get spring colors, so I chose these statement mirror earrings and bright colors sneakers. I felt brilliant! Another thing, I saw lots of long lines around cosmetic counters in Isetan department store. However, there wasn't a line in Tom Ford which is my favorite cosmetic. It took me about 15 minuets to get some products. While I was waiting bill, I tried some perfumes. I really love that time! After shopping, I sent Line to my son and I knew they were in Balenciaga in bags area. I moved there and found a beautiful bag from Celine that I was really into. Although I was in only first floor, I was so tired because Isetan is so big. Anyway, we had dinner at Toraji which is a big chain store of Yakiniku. We love Toraji, and I could get energy。

このmameのニットの素材は、ウールとアルパカなんですけど、ムートン風の面白いデザインです。CARVENのアウターが本物のムートンですので上半身がモコモコになりました。去年、白いコートを全部、妹にあげてしまってから冬のお出かけスタイルが全体に暗いトーンになりがちで、気分を上げるために大きなミラーイヤリングと、足元はステラの蛍光色が入ったスニーカーにしました。伊勢丹のコスメカウンターはあちこちで行列ができていました。私の行きつけのTOM FORDもいつもより混んでいましたが、一人待ちですぐ順番が回ってきました。お会計をしてもらっている間に、香水を試させてもらうのも楽しみの一つ。子供たちにラインを送ったら、同じ1階のバッグコーナーのバレンシアガにいるというので、子供たちを探しにバッグコーナーへ。するとセリーヌで欲しいバッグが見れて嬉しかったです。伊勢丹は大きいのでこれだけで疲れて、ディナーにすることに。私たちの大好きなTorajiでお肉を食べて元気になりました。
Carven coat, Mame knit wear, Uniqlo pants, Stella Mc Cartney shoes, Saint Laurent bag and sunglasses


  1. Great post dear, so nice and interesting, love it!
    I like your blog!

  2. Excellent post (as always)!Thank you very much :)

  3. Such a great styling. I really like your sneakers and bag. The earrings you wore are very pretty as well. You look fantastic.

  4. Such a lovely day! Your burgundy coat is super cool!
    Kisses, Paola.


  5. Sounds like a perfect day. My mother, my husband and I often go shopping together like that. We all treasure such moments.
    P.S. your sneakers are super cool!

  6. NIce photos!
    Happy Sunday AKiko :)

  7. What a lovely place to visit, Akiko, and the food looks divine.