Monday, April 22, 2019

Tibi Dress At The Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum Tokyo

When I like to wear chic and noble clothes, I am inspired by Meghan, Duchess of Sussex. I used to love a mannish monotone style like Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane, but now I am really into Meghan Markle Duchess. I expected to feel like a duchess whenever I wore this Tibi dress. Unfortunately, it wasn't so easy. If I didn't carefully style other items with this simple dress, it looked like I was disciplined or disappeared. I consider that problem, then I chose this unique hand bag from Kate Spade when I went to The Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum Tokyo. If I have serious dinner, a white or beige bag will go well with this navy dress.

きちんと日のお出かけには、メーガン妃のロイヤルファッションスタイルを参考にすることが多くなって着ました。数年前はマニッシュなモノトーンスタイルにすることが多かく、エディ・スリマンのサン・ローランのパンツとシルクのブラウスをベースにして小物でアレンジしたりするのが好きでしたが、いつの間にか気分が変わり、このTibiのワンピースのようにノーブルなものを選ぶようになってきました。一枚で気分は公爵夫人♡と思ったら大間違いで、そんなに簡単には行かないところが手強いです。 手を抜くと、たちまちただの地味な人に陥ってしまうので、小物やコートの丈、ヘアメイクに、いつも以上に気を配らないといけません。 今回は、美術館へお出かけですので、遊び心のあるケイト・スペードのピンクのショルダーバッグを合わせてみました。 もっと真面目な食事会などでは、白やベージュのハンドバッグがピッタリ合いそうです。

The Mitsubishi Ichigokan was designed in 1894 by the English architect Josiah Conder at the invitation of the Japanese government, and it has been reconstructed on the same lot according to Conder’s original plans. It was the first time I'd been to the museum, although I went to the museum's cafethere when Kate Spade held a party there. This time, I saw The Parabola of Pre-Raphaelitism Exhibition, and the art flames and space were also great. Recently, many museums allow us to take pictures in the special space. Taking picture with famous arts is so wonderful. The museum's garden makes me feel like I'm on a trip for short time. The second Wednesday of every month, it opens from10:00 to 21:00, so I would love to go there at night next time.

三菱1号館美術館は、明治の日本で活躍したイギリス人建築家ジョサイア・コンドルと日本の職人達が創り上げた空間を、忠実に復元した美術館です。以前、ケイト・スペードのパーティでカフェに入ったことはあるけれど、美術館は初めてでした。ラファエル前派の軌跡展が開催中で、額縁や内装も見応えがありました。最近は、美術館もSNSに力を入れていて、名画と一緒に記念写真をとれるのがとっても嬉しいです。 三菱一号館美術館の異国風の建物やお庭で短い時間を過ごすだけでも旅行気分になれますし。夜遅くまでやっている日もあるので、今度は静かな夜にお出かけしてみたいです。

Hyke coat, Tibi dress and shoes, Kate Spade bag, sunglasses, and watch, Oscar De La Renta necklace


  1. Beautiful! I definitely see the inspiration behind your look.

  2. Your styling is simply perfect!!! You look so elegant in this dress, I love your necklace:-)

  3. I like your styling - so simple but so elegant. Sometimes less means more.
    So great place- I like to visit museums

  4. A very nice and stylish look, dear! Love your bag!

    Great review and beautiful photos! :)

  5. A beautiful, elegant dress and very flattering. And the handbag is gorgeous. Another wonderful look, dear Akiko.

  6. Interesting museum!
    I love your outfit Akiko!!!
    Kisses, Paola.


  7. Hey dear Akiko, hope you have an awesome week ahead.

    It is cool to find inspiration in many people around the globe. I totally feel the british vibes in your look, actually Meghan Markle has a lot of interesting outfit proposals. Your OOTD is definitely a great option when it comes to have a cultural afternoon.

    Never heard about this place before, but the venue looks beyond interesting and hope I can visit it if I go to Japan one day :)


  8. I like how you paired that playful pink bag with a blue dress. It makes for an interesting look. I also really like the shoes and the necklace you choose to wear with this dress. Meghan has a nice sense of style and Kate is a stylish lady too! How lovely to see the Pre-Raphael paintings from up close. So nice you got to visit this exhibition, it's one of my fav art movements. This museum looks like a great place to visit. It is nice they allow photographs.

  9. Aww the duchess is such an inspiration! I love seeing her ootds on Instagram! So posh and so stylish. I love her dresses too. From different photos, I would say that Japan has so many worthwhile museums worth visiting. Those paintings look so hauntingly good! I wish I could visit the place someday as I love visiting museums in our city. I probably have visited almost all of the museums we have here haha
    Btw, I super love your gorgeous pair of shoes Akiko dear! <3

    love lots,