Saturday, August 10, 2019

Floral Dress From Kate Spade In Omotesando

A friend of mine got married to a great man who can speak four languages. She and I met at work about 20 years ago, and we have occasionally worked together. Last week, my mutual friend I had lunch with her husband at an Italian restaurant, Larte Sawafuji in Aoyama in Tokyo. I got this dress from Kate Spade a month ago for this occasion, and it was a coincidence that my dress's pattern was similar to the dishes! My sandals are from Gianvito Rossi which I got last year, My nails are very weak, so I put on a roll-on oil from Aveda instead of manicuring them. Finally, my nails were a cherry blossom color.


It was the most delicious Italian dishes that I've ever had. It looked graceful and lovely, and the different tastes layers. I was so moved that mature dishes. In front of me, the newlyweds were sparkling. I had so wonderful lunch time. Although I planed watching Ozu dvd collection at night last week, I was in the mood for rom-com movie. Then I watched "Me Before You", that was so touching. I laughed and cried. I hadn't known what Sam Claflin was so handsome. Next, I watched "Love, Rosie" that I had seen before. I had been romantic for a week. Anyway, I really love the last picture of today's blog. My sunglasses was from Gucci, so I took this photo by the Gucci's shop in Omotesando in Tokyo. Omotesando is one of my favorite towns because it is like a little 5th Ave in New York.

こんなに丁寧で美味しいイタリアンは初めて。上品で可憐な盛り付けに感動しながら、奥行きのある大人の味を堪能しました。一皿一皿が驚きの連続。目の前の新婚さんの二人がずっとキラキラ輝いていて、幸せいっぱいのランチ会でした。先週は、ゲットしたばかりの小津安二郎のDVD9本セットで毎晩、小津映画祭をやろうと思っていたのですが、急遽変更して恋愛映画祭にしました。『世界一キライなあなたに』に感動して何度も泣けてました。サム・クラフリンがこんなにいい男になっていたなんて!と気になって、『あと1センチの恋』をまた観たり、ハートがいっぱいの一週間でした。 最後の写真は、ちょうどグッチのサングラスをしていたので表参道のお店の横で記念撮影しました。

Kate Spade New York dress and bag, Gianvito Rossi sandals, H&H ring, Cartier watch, and Gucci sunglasses.


  1. You look gorgeous in the floral dress!

    The dish make my mouth watering, yummy!

  2. you look amazing in that floral dress. Lovely sandals as well.
    The dishes look so yummy...I love Italian food....

  3. Loved the floral dress and so need that bag in my closet like ASAP

  4. Wonderful dress, u look really perfect!

  5. Your dress is beautiful. It's very easy to notice that the dress fit your environment. Glad you had fun

  6. In love with the print of this dress!
    Beautiful pics!
    Kisses, Paola.


  7. Lovely pictures!!

  8. you have beautiful dresses. I would like to take a peek at your closet. Looking so beautiful. Kisses!

  9. A floral dress even works for the office! Just add a blazer over your dress, with a pair of heels and you are ready to work.
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  10. The most beautiful coffee cup. And your dress! Gorgeous.

  11. Amazing outfit, I love your dress! xx