Thursday, August 22, 2019

Osamu Harada: Finding "Kawaii" And A White Dress From Vince.

I went to the great exhibition, Osamu Harada: Finding "Kawaii" at Setagaya Literary Museum with friends from art school, Yasuko and Katsuko. Yasuko is an illustrator, and Katsuko is a film writer. I wanted to talk about creativity with them and have a chat for long time. I speculated that we will probably walk for long time, so I prioritised comfortable for my outfit. This white long dress is from Vince. that I found on Shopbop last month. It was on sale! I had looked for a white summer dress since this spring, and I marked a dress from Equipment. However, that was sold out. However I could quickly found today's dress, and I ordered it. When that reached at home, I was so excited beceuse the size and material were perfect! That is 100% polyester, but it looks like silk! My sandals are from Pikolinos×Olivia Palermo. A few years ago, they gave these amazing sandals. This summer, I am really into styling unique sandals with a effortless dress.

原田治 展「かわいい」の発見』へ行ってきました。お出かけメンバーはイラストレーターのYASUKOさんと脚本家の大倉加津子さん。二人ともアートスクール時代からの友だちです。いっぱいおしゃべりして、たくさん歩くかなあと思い、いつもより心地よさを優先して、エレ女の休日風にしてみました。 ワンピースは、先月SHOBOPのセールで見つけたVince.です。今年は白ワンピースを探していて、本当はEQUIPMENTの白ワンピを狙っていたのですが、もたもたしていたらSOLD OUTに。気を取り直して新たに探し始めると、このワンピースが現れたのです。速攻で注文しました。数日で届き、想像していた以上のクオリティで大満足。化繊ですけど、シルクのような光沢がとてもエレガントなんですよ。サンダルは、数年前のPIKOLINOS×Olivia Palermo。シンプルなロングワンピースに楽しいサンダルを合わせるが、この夏のお気に入りです。

Fortunately, I met Osamu Harada (1946-2016) at an event. He was so great in a tweed jacket, and he looked like a movie star! He painted beautiful abstract paintings and Kawaii illustrations. I could know his many talents at the exhibition. I thought I wanted to be like him! To be honest, I wanted to be like Toko Shinoda last night because her art book arrived at home from Gi-Co-Ma. To let you in on a secret, I often think I want to be like Barbie, but my goal is being I, Akiko Hiramatsu. Anyway, I had so fantastic time with my friends, and I was so excited when I found the manner poster with prints of my illustration at Rokakouen station near the museum. This poster has put on lot of stations wall in Japan since last summer. This month, my poster has been changed to other new poster. However, there were three posters at the station. Thank you, Rokakouen station!!

ところで、原田治さんですが、パレットクラブのイベントで一度だけお姿を拝見したことがあります。ツイードのジャケットがとてもお似合いで、映画俳優のような佇まいに目が釘付けになりました。 美しい抽象画も描き、可愛いキャラクターも生み出す多才な治さんの世界に触れることができて、私も治さんみたいになりたいと思いました。前日は、篠田桃紅さんの図録が岐阜現代美術館から届いたので、篠田桃紅さんになりたくなりました。バービーになりたい日もありますね。そんな風に、素敵な人に憧れながら、いつかは自分の平松昭子になりたいと思うのです。 この日は、Yasukoさんも加津子さんも、みんないい笑顔の写真がたくさん撮れて、さらに、行きと帰りに芦花公園の駅で私のポスターを発見。今月から新しいポスターに変えている駅が多いので、まだ貼られていて、しかも3枚も!! 芦花公園駅のみなさま、ありがとうございます♡

Vince. dress, Kate Spade cardigan, Fossil bag, H&H ring and bangle, Gallery1950 necklace, Gucci sunglasses, Pikolinos×Olivia Palermo sandals


  1. How exciting!
    Those galleries have so many beautiful things :)

    Your outfit looks amazing too!


  2. Such a lovely exhibit!
    I love your white dress and those cute shoes!
    Kisses, Paola.


  3. I really like your white dress, it suits you so well. Your flip flops are very chic and the artist bag is so lovely. You look beautiful. Moreover, I enjoyed getting a peek of this gallery. I like art exhibitions and it's always lovely to visit one, even in a virtual way. Art is always such an inspiration for me!

    1. and I love the poster with your illustration. It must be great seeing your work on the subway. Congrats.

  4. Beautiful exhibition and I really love your dreamy white dress.

  5. Such a darling exhibition, I enjoyed all the color and sweetness, and your comfortable outfit looked very stylish to me.

  6. Wonderful dress, u look really perfect!

    Kisses :)

  7. everything looks so beautiful and neat in that exhibit! And you look like a goddess in your dress <3

  8. Interesting post dear! You look super cute :)

  9. Beautiful exhibition Akiko! As I always tell you there are many cool stuff around Japan that you're taking with you along.... I love when the exhibitions you go are about art and illustration! All these prints are defiintely a piece of art *__*


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