Sunday, September 08, 2019

Lovely Red Top Like A Butterfly

Yesterday, I performed a traditional Japanese dance for the Hachiman shrine festival . Thank you for coming to see my dance! There were triple the number of people compared with last year at the festival. Many international people from the audience took my picture, so I was so excited. I will post the report by the end of this month. Anyway, today's blog is about my trip to some bars in Tokyo with my friend Knock-chan. I don't drink because I am allergic to alcohol, so I just tasted a little and he drank my leftovers. I wore this red top like a butterfly for my nightclubbing .

昨日は、北澤八幡さまの奉納舞を観にきてくださったみなさま、暑い中ありがとうございました。今年は去年の三倍くらい人がいっぱいの八幡様でした。国籍も様々で、私の舞台もいろんな方が写真を撮ってくださって嬉しかったです。今月中には舞台の様子をアップできると思いますので、楽しみにしていてくださいね。 さて、本日は真っ赤な夜遊び用の蝶々のトップスが主役のコーディネイトで、バーをはしごしたお話です。私は全く飲めないのですが、友人のノックちゃんがいっぱい飲んでくれました。

Knock-chan lives in Spain, so he takes me to some bars whenever he comes back to Japan. This time, we met at a French bar, Cavo in Ebisu. Next, we went to another bar in the same building. Then, we went to Motown House in Roppongi. I chose these flat shoes and this cross body bag because I guessed that we danced at Motown House. My jeans are from Muji. It was the first time I got jeans from MUJI, but they are so comfortable relaxing. Additionaly, the form is perfect! This red top like a butterfly is so unique, so I styled plan items except for the top. Recently, all my unique items of clothing are too bold for me although I loved that a few years ago. My style of outfits are starting to become more relaxes. Today is my birthday, and I am 49th years old. Time flies! I would love to continue to post my funny and elegant outfits on my blog.

ノックちゃんはスペインに家があって、日本に帰ってきた時にバーに連れて行ってくれます。この日は最初に恵比寿のフレンチバーCAVOで待ち合わせ。その次は同じビルの別のバーへ。そのあと六本木に移動してMOTOWN HOUSEに行きました。MOTOWNでは踊るので、靴はフラットシューズとバッグはクロスボディタイプ。ジーンズはMUJIのです。MUJIでジーンズを買ったのは初めて。試着したらはき心地が良くて動きやすくて、形もよくてびっくりしました。この日は、蝶々のトップスが個性的でしたので、ボトムも気合が入ってしまうと強すぎるかなと思い、他はリラックスアイテムでまとめました。数年前だったら、全身攻めのコーディネイトが多かったですけど、少しずつ力が抜けてきて、いい感じがします。今日から49歳。どんな40代最後の一年になるのかな、ファニーでエレガントなスタイルを引き続きブログで発信していきますね♡

Victoria Victoria Beckham top, Muji jeans, Kate Spade bag, Valentino shoes, Saint Laurent sunglasses, H&H bangle and choker


  1. Great post dear!Photos are amazing !     

  2. Happy birthday dear! You look beautiful and so youthful. I really like this red top on you. Great styling.

  3. Such a lovely top... red suits you so well Akiko!
    Kisses, Paola.


  4. You look super cute and comfy! I really love the bag! xx

  5. Hey dear Akiko, long no time no see.... I am super happy to tell you hi again! Did you enjoyed summer?

    I definitely missed your posts, your outfits and drawings! Seems that you're having a nice time and hope your performance went well :)

    Red suits you well and the drink after the event looks definitely good! Where in Spain Knock-chan does live?

    Best regards !

  6. Red does suit you Akiko and your top is really pretty. Happy Birthday hun