Monday, October 07, 2019

How To Enjoy The Problems Of New Shoes

I did shopping for the first time at Tory Burch. I have been really into the collection recently because they represent their expansive lifestyle and I get a feeling of optimism. Tory Burch got married in 2018, and it was her third time. She always married with a very rich man, so I feel gorgeous power from her design. Speaking of the fall 2019 collection, the collars of some dresses and blouses are like a frilled lizard are so fantastic! I would love to get one of them, but I didn't choose it. I ordered plane flat shoes because it was my first shopping at Tory Burch and it was online shopping. I was confident that the plane flat shoes suited me, but I was not confident that the an amazing frilled lizard item suited me.


After I ordered the shoes, they reached my home for two days. They are so beautiful, but they are a little smaller than my feet. I squeezed my feet into ill-fitting shoes, and I lied me, "I could wear these shoes, so they are like Cinderella's shoes!" Sure enough, I couldn't walk over five minutes because me feet were too sore. I decided to wear them when I ride a bicycle or take a taxi. I encouraged me, "It's not problem. Next!" Then I ordered loafer shoes with a collage of python print and velvet. I chose over the half size than my flat shoes that I talked before. They were a little bigger than my feet, but my feet were sore again. The leather was so hard. I knew that it is usual problem, so I am looking forward to changing soft leather and good condition for me after I will wear them a few times. I will post the shoes next week. I hope you enjoy if you have a problem of new shoes!



  1. I love buying new shoes. Shoes are a top obsession.
    These are so pretty!

  2. あなたの靴は大丈夫であなたにぴったりです。あなたはいつものようにその衣装でとてもきれいです


  3. This look is super from head to toe!! You look stunning!

  4. what a lovely outfit! perfect blazer, shirt and pants combo. You look great. I also really like your new shoes. Maybe they will become more comfortable with time. Sometimes new shoes take time to break in.

  5. I'm a shoe-addict and I love your flats!
    Kisses, Paola.


  6. Such a stunning shoes. I like how elegant they are and how you style them. You look so beautiful.

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  7. What a shame they are not comfortable shoes to wear, as they do look very cute and so nice with your jeans! :)

    Hope that you are having a great weekend! I went out to a fashion show last night, it was a lot of fun :)

    Away From Blue

  8. Shoes shoes shoes! Great! I think this pair must be the one you told me about in the comments on my site, right? I love this and the other pair :)

    Auch about the situation, that happened to me this year with a pair of Nike Cortez, still trying to get the material a little softer but sometimes it is difficult.... Hope you enjoy the shoes despite that, maybe you can use them just for small walks :)