Sunday, October 27, 2019

Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO Spring/Summer 2020

I wore kimono and went to Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo with friends who are kimono lovers too. Since a few days ago, we had talked which kimono to wear for the a show. Last week, I thought about my outfit for the show for a long time. It might be take a longer time than working time because I usually ponder over my outfit for a few days before going out on a trip. To be honest, I initially didn't think about wearing kimonos for this occasion, thus I came up with two outfits with a black dress and leather jacketAfter that, I came up with three kimono outfits, so I thought about five outfits in total. I really love to think about different outfits, so it is so happy time for me. Anyway, we saw RABD Spring and Summer 2020 collection, and we was so moved!

2020年春夏の「楽天 ファッション ウィーク東京(RFWT)」に行ってきました。数日前から、お着物仲間と着ていく着物をLINEで打ち合わせ。だから、先週は仕事よりも着物のコーディネイトを考える時間の方が多かったかも。私の場合、たいてい最初に思いついたコーディネイトから二転三転して、今回も3回練り直しました。実は、初めは洋服で行くのかと思っていて、洋服バージョンも2回考えて、衣装部屋にコーディネイトした服と小物を飾っていたんですよ。だから、全部で5回も考えました。コーデを考えるのは昔から大好きな時間なので全然苦ではなくって、むしろ至福の時間です。さて、私たちのお目当のショーは、メンズブランドのRABD

In 2017, Kanya Miki started his men's fashion brand called RABD. The theme of RABD is a style of stimulation and excitement incorporated into daily life. Kanya Miki had assisted Maison John Galliano before he started some of his fashion brands. I am currently interested in RABD very much because I feel vibrant Japanese-ness in the street and mode style. The form is so cool and elegant, so I bet it will be fascinating that if women wear them like oversize clothes. I saw many great clothes which I would love to wear soon! This collection reminded me of the cool boys in city lights. We felt dreamy. After the show, we took a taxi and went to Gonpachi called Kill Bill restaurant.



  1. しばらくの間、私はインドネシアで多くのブログコンペティションに参加しています。また来て、あなたの素敵な着物を見てうれしいです。あの着物で素敵に見える

  2. You look amazing my dear!

    Great review and beautiful photos! :)

  3. You're all so beautiful in your kimonos! What an amazing fashion show.
    Looks like you had a wonderful time. :D


  4. Such a great way to get inspired and spend some quality time with the girls.

  5. You look so elegant and beautiful in this kimono. Simply perfect! So great you went to this fashion show.

  6. Lovely post dear! Have a great weekend! xx

  7. Very very cool! I don't know much about Toky Fashion Week so thanks for taking us with you through this experience, it looks that you had a lot of fun together and the runways looks nice... with a lot of creativity involved but taking the traditional part to another level!

    Loved your kimono, it is such an artistic piece that you need to keep forever!


  8. So, this is the restaurant where they shot Kill Bill fight scenes? It looked familiar. You look beautiful in your wonderful kimono.