Sunday, November 03, 2019


Hi, everyone! Today is a national holiday annually celebrated in Japan on November 3, and the purpose of this holiday is to promote our culture by loving freedom and peace. We can see a special exhibition at the National Art Center, which is "TOKUJIN YOSHIOKA Glass Tea House KOU-AN". I should have worn a kimono, but I didn't a kimono because I really wanted to wear these blue shoes. I layered a plan silk shirt under a cardigan and showed the cuffs and collar. To let you in on a secret, my inspiration was a trendy blouse with ruffle cuffs and collar. At home before shooting, I pulled the cuffs and collar out from under the cardigan to emulate the ruffle effect. Unfortunately, they slipped back under the cardigan.... Although my outfit turned out differently than I expected, I'm really pleased with it anyway.

みなさま、こんにちは。今日は文化の日ですね。国立新美術館では、吉岡徳仁さんの代表作、「ガラスの茶室- 光庵」が特別展示中です。茶室に合わせて着物を着た方がよかったのかもしれませんが、どうしても、この青い靴を履きたくて洋服にしました。一昨年のドリス ヴァン ノッテンの靴です。ガラス張りの美術館とガラスの茶室、そして青のベルベット生地の靴。カーディガンは、ランジェリーの上に着るのが好きですけど、フリルの襟や袖を出すのが流行っているので、シルクのシャツを合わせて少し出してみました。もっとひらひら出ているはずだったのですが、思ったイメージと違って残念・・・。でも、これはこれで、奇跡的に可愛くまとまったので嬉しいです。

This exhibition, "TOKUJIN YOSHIOKA Glass Tea House KOU-AN", was until the 10th of May 2021. When I saw it on I was so excited that the glass shines in the sunlight! However, it was cloudy when I saw it the museum and it looked like a mysterious object. It seemed to delete the signs and wait to emit light. TOKUJIN YOSHIOKA told, "There are not flowers and kakejiku in the glass tea house, but I hope people will imagine something through the sunlight." on YouTube. I could imagine through the cloudy sunlight. There are many complicated rules in the Japanese tea culture community, but everybody can feel freely in front of his great work. I also wish that many people feel freely something from my Fashion Kimono Suiboku-ga ( india ink painting) with kakejiku (hanging scrolls). My artworks have been sold a kakejiku every month, so I would love to spread the fascination of kakejiku more! I just posted the newest my paintings another blog, kimonoism10!! I am sorry I haven't translation in English yet...

「ガラスの茶室- 光庵」の展示期間は2021年5月10日までです。Fashionsnap.comで見た写真は、太陽の光にガラスがキラキラしてとてもきれいでした。私が見た日は曇りでしたので、無機質な感じでした。発光する前の静けさのような、気配を消した謎の物体のようにも見えました。吉岡徳仁さんが、花も掛け軸もないけど、光を通して感じて欲しいと、こちらの動画でお話されています。曇りの日も、光はあるので五感を研ぎ澄まさせて感じてきました。いろんなしきたりがある中で、誰もが自由に想像できる場所があるって気持ちがいいですね。私もそんな風にファッション水墨画の掛軸をもっと広めていきたいです。おかげさまで、毎月、一本ずつくらいのペースでお買い上げいただいておりますので、この調子でコンスタントにお店にアップしていきますね。新作の絵はkimonoism10にアップしましたので、そちらも一緒にお楽しみくださいませ♡

Kate Spade cardigan and bag, Saint Laurent shirt, Levi's jeans, Dries Van Noten shoes, Gucci sunglasses

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  1. Nice outfits 😊 thanks for your sharing 😊

  2. 私はあなたに会うのをずっと長く待つことができない。あなたはどんな衣装でもとても素敵に見えます。インドネシアのファンから

  3. Such a lovely place! And I love your chic cardi!
    Kisses, Paola.


  4. Happy holiday!
    I love these shoes with the denim jeans. FAB!

  5. Such a beautiful outfit. I really like how elegant and casual it looks, as well as your heels.

    New Post -

  6. Hi Akiko first of all thanks for all the compliments on my latest blog post and I hope you're having a fantastic month so far! :)

    I love that you're always showing us the important things that are happening in Japan, as I am not able to go there right now and it is on top of my dreamy destinations.... so thank you for creating so meaningful and beautiful content!

    This holiday looks like a good day to value all the good things that your country have been able to offer you! And the venue for this exhibition is so nice, with clean aesthetics that give you piece....

    And I adore your cardigan, is so stylish and it looks so cozy.... is it too cold in Japan right now?

    Best wishes dear!

  7. These blue shoes are wonderful! I really like your jeans and sweater combo as well.