A little 70s Taste With My Favorite Boots

I am so happy because long boots and the 70s silhouette is back. I believed that the trend would come back and I kept my favorite boots in my closet for a long time as they haven't been the trend. You can see many outfits with the boots here. I use to wear the boots with mini skirts or shorts, but now I would love to style the boots with a long skirt or long dress like this trendy 70s silhouette. I made a new dress from a long gilet which I got a few years ago. It took me only 10 minutes to sew between the waist and above the knees, and voilà !! I had a new outfit. Even though I wanted to sew up to the hem, I couldn't focus on my task. Anyway, I love the slit, and the new dress went well with the boots! I really love that today's outfit has a little 70s taste.


Sometimes I get bored with a trendy long coat, so I wore a short down jacket. The jacket is s small, so it looks like navy abs, or I look like the "Amphibian Man" in the movie, "The Shape of Water". Therefore, I didn't do up my zipper. I was very patient with the cold in the evening.

Moncler S jacket, Customised dress from Mame gilet, L'autre Chose boots, KAte Spade bag, Celine sunglasses

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  1. Brown boots are a real must have this season! You look great in this stylization, I really like your vest :-)

  2. I love your high brown boots. I have 3 pairs of brown boots, I love them. You look fantastic in this. The way you turned thaz long gilet into a dress is ingenious. Very creative styling, I like the colours.

  3. Very beautiful boots and bag! So stylish!

  4. Such a beautiful outfit. I like your boots, skirt and bag.

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  5. You look fantastic. This combination is TOP!


  6. Such a cute vest and lovely bag, great fashion combo as usual!
    Kisses, Paola.


  7. Love you're taking inspiration from retro vibes and silhouettes but adapting them to your own wardrobe and style! And the touch of vibrant blue is so unique and it totally portraits your personality Akiko :D!


  8. I don't know what to admire more - the boots, the bag or your vest. All are gorgeous. Another wonderful look, dear Akiko.


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