Saturday, January 18, 2020

Casual Outfit To Seeing A MMA Event, Rizin.20

I went to a MMA event RIZIN.20 at the end of the last year. To be honest, I wanted to wear black leggings and Manolo knee high boots, but I didn't because I wan't fine. I was tired from working, so I wore these wide wool pants and converse sneakers. They are always comfortable items!


My son and I are big fans of Asakura brothers, who are very famous MMA fighters. They and I are from same birthplace, so I love their YouTube because I can hear the dialect. My friend, Knock chan came to Japan from Spain to take my son and me for the event. I had seen a fashion show at the same place, but it was the first time to see a Mixed Martial Arts event. I was so interested in watching the different audience from the fashion show. I am not good at sports event, so I had a TOM FORD hand cream and Diptyque perfume to relax and enjoy. Recently, I often wear this black chain bag. It upgraded a casual outfit for taking my dog for a walk.

私とアンジさんは、格闘家の朝倉兄弟の大ファンなんです。同じ三河出身なので、彼らのYouTubeで三河弁を聞けるのも楽しいです。スペイン在住の友人のノックちゃんが、この日のために帰国して、私たち親子をさいたまスーパーアリーナまで連れて行ってくれました。ファッションショーとは違う客層も新鮮で楽しかったです。不慣れな長時間のお出かけでしたので、TOM FORDのハンドクリームとDiptyqueの香水をお守りとしてバッグに入れていきました。退屈した時やアクシデントにあったときに気分をリフレッシュしてくれます。最近出番の多い黒のチェーンバッグで、いつもの五郎のお散歩ファッションもエレガントに仕上がりました。

Hakuji coat, Bragent Trousers pants, Berge bag, Madewell tote bag, Levi's hoodie, Gucci sunglasses

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  1. very nice the coat and the trouser :)
    Hi, would you like to follow each other?

  2. I watch MMA as well. Me and my family, always watch together.

  3. Great post dear! Photos are amazing !   

  4. Such a beautiful casual outfit. I really like colour of your coat.

    New Post -

  5. I really like your lilac coat. It looks so cozy. This is such a beautiful casual styling! Your illustrations are beautiful. I like how you matched your sketches to photographs, it looks really cool. It seems you had a nice time at this event. I don't think I heard of Asakura brothers before, I will check them out.
    I haven't been to a MMA event but I sometimes watch MMA fights with my husband. We also watch boxing matches together. I think I started watching MMA because of Mirko Filiović (aka CRO COP), he is retired now but he was one of the first really well known fighters in Pride Fighting Championships that started in Japan and later on he also fought in UFC and MMA.

  6. Sometimes comfort is key and this is that plus stylish. I love that coat on you. It is such a lovely shade of lilac. I would never had guessed you were an MMA lover! I've never really watched a fight nor do I know much about them. I don't know if I could stomach seeing a live show! Hope you've been well Akiko!


  7. Hope you had fun and you're doing much better. Happy New year Akiko

  8. Hello dear Akiko, hope you're having a magical 2020 so far! I'm just coming back from a trip and catching up on your site!

    I love how you look comfortable, I'd say comfy clothes (but stylish) are my favorite, specially to go to this kind of events... I love the touch of lilac you added, I am looking for a garment in this piece for so long :D

    Aaaaaah and I didn't know you liked MMA, nice that you had fun with the friend who lives in Spain.... Best for you!


  9. Thank you for your lovely comments!! I will stop your blogs soon <3


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