My Night Routine With Intimissimi Lingerie

I got a beautiful lingerie gift from Intimissimi, so today's post is about my night routine. Recently, I canceled my account of Netflix. There are not interesting programs for me because I watched every night for over three hours last year. Taking this opportunity, I decided not to enter digital products in my bedroom, except for a Google Home Mini. My night routine sometimes changes, but now I really love this routine!

イタリア発ランジェリーブランドのIntimissimiさんから素敵なギフトが届きました♡そこで、本日のブログは私のナイトルーティーンを紹介することに。実は最近、Netflixを退会したんです。観すぎて観たいものがなくなってしまったから。いい機会なので、寝室はデジタル出入り禁止にしました。でも、一つだけ特別にGoogle Home Miniは可愛いのでお部屋に入れてあげました。それでは、私の最新ナイトルーティーン、お風呂上がりから寝るまでの過ごし方をお楽しみくださいませ♡

After taking a bath, I use face and body lotion in just 20 seconds. It's so quickly! Then, I wear lingerie which I love at that time, and I read an old book and draw a doodle. It is fascinating time to imagine and express freely. Thinking outside the box make me fulfilled, and I am more confident. When a problem is bothering me, I can relax by this night routine. Even if I can't sleep, it is sensual time with Intimissimi lingerie because the material is comfortable silk. How about your night routine?


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  1. Your night routine sounds lovely! I typically use a body and face lotion after bath too...and a bath is such a nice way to relax. I like the photographs you took and the photo collages you made with your fashion sketches. Doodling and sketching before going to bed sounds fun. I need to get back to sketching, I haven't done it much lately but I might include it in my night routine. It is nice to relax before going to bed and comfortable lingerie is always a good choice. This Intimissimi silk set is so pretty! It looks great on you. Perfect lingerie set.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Ivana! Your illustrations always inspire me, so I started to draw at night<3 I am looking forward to seeing your new works!


  2. I love the post:)Have a nice day, dear!

  3. Hi, nice post. I follow you #379 ,follow back?

  4. what beautiful clothes you show us, I loved it, I like to take new fashion ideas
    I loved your post, I did not know your blog, do you want to follow us? You already tell me. Cheers

  5. Great review and beautiful photos! :)

  6. Hey Akiko,

    It is so important and essential to take care of ourselves and a great hour to do that is before bed, so pampering us with nice clothes and skincare it the best ways to keep us healthy and in a great mood!

    I loved that you mixed photos with illustrations... so creative :D!


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