Sustainable Puff Sleeves Knitwear At Ikea In Tokyo

Hi everyone! Thank you for your lovely comments on the previous post!! I will post the information about next book fair on Twitter and Instagram. Anyway, today's post is about Ikea in Tokyo. I have gone to Ikea stores except for Tokyo because I didn't know Tokyo store. It is the nearest store from my home! When I went to other store, my stomach hurt because of the store was very far...

みなさま、こんにちは!前回は、たくさんお祝いコメントをありがとうございました♡また、他の書店さんでブックフェアがあるそうですので、最新情報はTwitterとInstagramのストーリーで発信していきますね。さて、本日のお話は 久しぶりのIKEAです。立川店は初めてだったのですが、思っていたよりも私の家の下北沢から近くてびっくり。以前、港北のIKEAに行ったとき、あまりの遠距離でお腹が痛くなりました。

The purpose of this shopping was getting flames for my paintings and bathmats. I always use the bathmat from Ikea because it is so soft and comfortable! Ikea is very huge, so I can't arrived at the goal instantly and I often feel like might passing out. However stuffed animals place always helps me! I hug them, and I can get myself back. Anyway, I chose this black knit wear with puff sleeves. You might remembered that I posted about it. This time, I customized it again because I wanted to make a more beautiful form of right sleeve. In addition, I made balloon sleeves with rubber strings. Unfortunately, my balloons were not blown up, so I will try to put something in next time. This bag is from kate spade, which is a gift from Kate Spade when I was an official blogger of Kate Spade Japan. The bag looks like Bottega Veneta The Pouch with wooden parts. I think that this old Kate Spade bag really suits Ikea's atmosphere, right? Ikea new store in Harajuku will open on April, so I will be able to go there for about 30 minutes! If you like Ikea, please tell me your favorite stuff!

今回の買い物の目的は、絵のフレームとバスマット。IKEAのバスマットはふかふかで速乾性があって大好きです。IKEAは、なかなかゴールにたどりつけないくらい広くて、途中で意識を失いそうになりますが、ちょうどそ頃に癒しのぬいぐるみコーナーが!目があったぬいぐるみたちをハグしてエネルギーを充電すると元気になれます。さて、この日はIKEAのDIY気分に合わせて、以前、カスタマイズしたニット(こちら!)をアップデートさせました。右のパフスリーブ のふくらみが足りなかったので、右袖だけ取り外して直しました。さらに肘上部分にゴムを入れてバルーンに。本当はもっと、ぽってりとしてほしかったので次回は何かつめてみるかも。サステナビリティの意識が高まると、アイデアに磨きがかかります。本日のバッグはケイト・スペードブロガーだった時のギフト。ボッテガのザ・ポーチにウッドのパーツがついたみたいなデザインもIKEA気分にぴったりです。みなさまもIKEAはお好きですか?お気に入りのアイテムがあったら教えてくださいね。4月の原宿店のオープンも楽しみです。

Kate Spade coat and bag, Burberry turtle knitwear, customized knit wear from Catherine Malandrino dress, Alexander Wang shoose

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  1. Really interesting and... I love your outfit!
    Kisses, Paola.


  2. Gorgeous puff sleeves! I'm loving this trend so much.

  3. Hi! Beautiful outfit. I like the coat.
    I hope you´ll visit my blog soon. Have a nice day!

  4. Hey Akiko, you don't have an idea of how your posts inspire me to create more and more! You are definitely one of my favorite blogs right now and you have a really interesting way of telling stories through your looks and illustrations :)

    And I went to Ikea a few weeks ago, the one in Barcelona is huge.... hope you got all that you required for your home :)

    PS: The Kate Spade purse is so purdy and beautiful.... and the dinner you had makes me hungry haha!

    All the best and thanks for your constant support!

  5. I love your sustainable puffer knit. I remember the first time you blogged about it, such a beautiful piece. You are very creative. I like to experiment with my clothes and sometimes make alternations. Your Ikea shopping outfit is very styling. I really like your pants and that Kate Spade bag is stunning. You look fantastic!!!! The food you tried looks yummy. I haven't been to an Ikea store yet, I hope some day I will.
    Looking forward to seeing more book fairs on your blog.

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  7. What a fun bag! It looks so good on you and I like the statement sleeves with the colourful pants :)

    Hope that you are having a great weekend :)

    Away From Blue

  8. What a brilliant makeover, Akiko, the sleeves really do make the outfit (and the salmon colored trousers are gorgeous as well). You can even make Ikea look chic.

  9. I love that Kate Spade. I think I prefer this to the pouch! Hehehe. I love the statement sleeve of your top, so pretty. I also love ikea, but it can be tough going through the store. It is quite the journey. Their frames are my favourite too


  10. Nice monkey!
    Kisses from Athens :)


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