Sunday, March 22, 2020

New High-Heeled Sandals

Hello everyone!! A path near my home is adorned with cherry blossoms in full bloom. It is so beautiful, and today's sandals are beautiful, too!! To let you in on a secret, I went to the Bottega Veneta flagship shop in Ginza for the first time because I wanted to take a mental break. I checked the website and decided what I purchase before going to the shop. The creative director, Daniel Lee, worked under Phoebe Philo at Céline. I was so excited at the amazing items and shop interior, so I couldn't control myself. I got other item, too. I will work really hard this month and next month.


Acne Studios jacket, Petit Bateau tank, Zara pants, Sait Laurent sunglasses, Gallery 1950 necklace, Bottega Venetta sandals, Celine belt

When I get new shoes, I split up into two categories. I concern whether I can walk for long time or short time. This time, I chose these high heels for walking in just a few minutes. They are for lunch or dinner at a restaurant, an event that I don't need to stay long time there, and a photo shoot for my blog and interviews for media. I love to decorate high heels like art products. My line of sight is higher than usual line, so I can see different view. It is amazing experience. I also love to crawl around on all fours with my dog, Goro because I can see lovely view of his perspective. Sometimes any dirts are horror. Anyway, these sandals from new BV has elegant biker taste because Daniel Lee loves cars. Powerful items always support me because I’ve always been physically weak. In addition, there is cashmere cushion in the insole, and that is so comfortable! I styled white wide pants, but I would like to style a dress or jeans with the sandals next time. This tank is from Petit Bateau, and it is so great for going out because the fabric is thick. I got this jacket from Acne Studios a few years ago, I bet I wear it even in another 10 years. Anyway, I decorate the new sandals around front door after going out near my home. I worked at the balcony, and the beautiful sandals were taking a nap.

靴を選ぶときは、たくさん歩くものと、ほとんど歩かないものに分類。今回は後者です。きれいなお店でお食事する時や、10分で帰ってもよさそうなパーティや、ブログや取材撮影の時の衣装としての靴。ハイヒールには美術品のように飾って眺める楽しみもありますし、履いたときのいつもより高い目線になれるところも魅力。五郎さんのように低い視線に合わせて時々四つん這いになるのも楽しいです。恐ろしい汚れを発見することもありますが・・・。 新生ボッテガ・ヴェネタの魅力は、なんといっても、車好きのダニエルさんのエレガントで新しいバイカーテイスト。あんまり体が丈夫でない私をサポートしてくれますし、身につけた時のモチベーションの持続力もあります。さらに、インソールのふかふかのカシミアクッションはめまいがするほどの心地よさ。 今回は白のワイドパンツに合わせましたが、次回はワンピースやジーンズとコーディネイトしてみたいです。白のタンクトップは、プチバトー。プチバトーは生地が厚いので大人のアウターとしても合格。数年前のAcne Studiosのお気に入りのジャケットもやっと自分のものになってきた感じがします。 新しいサンダルは、近所を一周回って家に戻って玄関の一等席へ飾りました。やっと暖かくなってきたので私はベランダでお仕事。撮影で疲れたBVカーブサンダルはお昼寝です。

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  1. Totally obsessed with these sandals and this colr is everything!
    Stay safe my lovely friend!
    Kisses, Paola.


  2. Nice details 😊 thanks for your sharing...

  3. Hey Akiko! Lovely post as usual filled with fashion, a little bit of your lifestyle and drawings... love the girl you drew with the Maison Margiela puffy bag :)

    And Daniel Lee is making such a good work with Bottega, actually I feel that he lifted up the brand with his creations and he did such a good job with the old Céline (which I miss everyday and I'm still looking for products of the brand at Vestiaire, i managed to get some sunglasses!)

    Those sandals are like a dream and you totally deserve them! I love the photo were they look like a decoration prop in your interiors!

    Keep safe!

  4. wow I totally love the sandals! it has a lovely spring colour with great details!
    and I really love your balcony

    Hope you stay healthy and safe
    style frontier

  5. so in love with those heeled sandals. I love how you styled them with wide pants too. You look sensational. Your illustrations are always amazing. Stay safe.

  6. You look incredible! I just love these pants and sandals.
    Hope you're doing well Akiko!

  7. These sandals look amazing. From shape to colour everything is perfect.

    New Post -

  8. Good outfit and perfect outfit!!