Sunday, April 12, 2020

How To Keep My Closet Clean

Hello! I hope you are safe and have a good day! Today's blog is about a closet. Recently, I keep my closet clean because I haven't gone out except for important purpose. Whenever I went out for different events before Corona's rule, my closet got messy in the blink of an eye. The quantity of clothes and other items are about 70% in my closet, so I didn't know why I can't keep my closet clean. For that reason, I decided to solve the problem.


I noticed that I can't put my bag back where it was when I coming back home. I can't be bothered to take some pouches out. I know the place to put back a card case, key, cosmetic products, receipts. However, I can't do it because I am very tired when I came back. For that reason, I made a new rule. First, I put a shopper from Celine near the door. You can see it in the sixth picture. Next, I have to put a bag with some pouches at the shopper's place when I came back home. The beautiful shopper motivates me! During Corona Shock, I will practice to do it when I go to a supermarket or Goro's vet. Next, I considered a display shelf. When I think about different outfits and wear items in the shelf, the shelf gets messy. It is very hard to put them back where they were because I am very lazy after thinking about outfits. Unfortunately, I put my sunglasses and accessories on the shelf, so the shelf is messy easily. However, I had a great idea that I am kept under surveillance by Lee Radziwill. Her fashion and lifestyle are so beautiful, so I decorated her photo-book with my fashion book. She are watching me in the eighth picture. How about you? I would love to know about your way to keep clean!


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  1. Ah you've inspired me to want to have a big sort out of my closet! it's been way too long xo

    Gemma | Makeup Muddle

  2. I had to read your blog post first before getting my day started. :)
    Your closet is so neat and perfect!

    Right now I am going to clean my apartment. A clean hope helps the mind be more free.

    P.S: I love your book! I read it with google translate and am also trying to learn by recognizing the same characters. Stay safe! ^.~


  3. Love the way you have organized everything. You have a wonderful closet.

  4. This is a treat, Akiko, I've always wanted to peek inside your closet :-) Stay safe!

  5. Your closet looks amazing. It is great you figured out how to keep it more orderly.

    1. you look very stylish too. I like that maxi skirt.

  6. Very clean and tidy. I like it :).

  7. What a lovely space and with a perfect organization!
    Stay safe babe!
    Kisses, Paola.


  8. So many great tips and WOW I wish I had a closet like this!

    Allie of

  9. Definitely a great time to organise your wardrobe. I need to start on mine, it has been very messy of late too. I like the idea of keeping a bag on hand, I'd use it to dump things inside then put it away whenever I get a chance! Hehehehe! You have such a gorgeous wardrobe space too Akiko! Dreamy!


  10. Your closet is so neat love it and thanks for the inspiration!


  11. Hey dear Akiko, how's everything going?

    Love your closet! It looks like a fashion editorial coming out of a very cool fashion magazine... you have very chic pieces and I can see that you are very organized and you take care of your clothes :)

    Actually I bought a closet just before the beginning of the corona madness... lucky me! But I still need to get some shelves, since the extra room in my apartment is my closet but also the room where I put my art supplies, my printer, papers, boxes, etc. So I try to stay tidy and organized but sometimes it is not possible right? Hahaha

    Love that your most valuable pieces are there, like pieces of collection that deserves to be seen. I also noticed a parfum by Diptyque, this is one of my favorite brands, what about L'Eau? Right now I'm trying Tam Dao and it is so good if you like spicy essences :)

    All the best Akiko!

  12. wow! so neat, so beautiful and I'd say artistic! Impressive, Akiko-san!

  13. spring cleaning is something that I've gotten really into during this qurantine, so I'm loving these ideas.

    How is the quarantine treating you? I hope you are well!

    amy x

  14. Omg such a fabulous closet Akiko-san!
    I love everything in it especially the fashion books and your lovely art.
    The pictures you have also look so good.
    Thank you for the tips as well. I might do the same also
    because it's a challenge to keep a closet clean when I get home
    tired and just sleepy. Hehe

    Love lots,