Sunday, May 17, 2020

My Spring Essentials And My Comic Book

Hello everyone! Today I would love to share my comic book with you! I drew about my family, and the book published in 2008. This story is black comedy. I am glad to know that the digital bookis read by some people every month. The cover is pink, so I wore a pink skirt. Goro's harness is pink, too. ( He only has the pink harness. )


This ribbed knit long skirt is from Auralee, and I got it a few years ago. Usually I wear pants, so I keep them in good condition for a long time. This polo shirt is from Tory Burch, and I got it on sale end of last year. When I buy spring and summer items on sale in winter, I choose not trendy item but basic one. A white top with frill-trim is basic personally because I remember that I had worn a similar top from Marc By Marc Jacobs like this polo before. This time, I selected mature clothe. The style of Tory Burch is feminine, but it is not too sweet. I can wear these on my work days and days off, and it is fascinating that the brand has a little funny design sometimes. Those converse sneakers always suit my feet. My hair is getting very long and messy because I have not gone to a hair salon in quarantine. However the invaluable pin (forth to last picture) is good when I hide my messy hair. The pin is probably platinum, and my landlord gave me with her obi (kimono belt) when I rented an office. There's a lot of greenery in the path near my home. I enjoyed selecting today's pictures to feel like walking with you. Next month, we will see the hydrangeas!!

このリブニットのスカートは数年前のオーラリー。ふだん、パンツスタイルが多いのでスカートの持ちはいいほうです。ポロシャツは去年、トリーバーチの年末セールで見つけました。冬のセールで次の春夏用のものを探す時は、トレンドに関係ないマイベーシックを選ぶようにしています。フリルトリムのトップスはここ数年のトレンドですが、最近、私の定番アイテムに決定。理由は、以前も同じようなフリルトリムのマーク・バイの白のトップスを長年愛用していたから。マイベーシックにはアップデートが欠かせません。今回のセレクトから大人への成長を感じることができます。トリーバーチの服はフェミニンだけど甘すぎなくて、大人が着てもきちんと見えて、なんだか面白いところが素敵です。スニーカーはコンバースがいちばん私の足にあっているみたい。髪型は、美容院に行けなくてボサボサの毛先は簪とヘアピンの中間のような形の多分プラチナだと思うんですけど、これでグサっと押し込んでいます。以前借りていたオフィスの大家さんに、帯と一緒にいただいた宝物の一つ。 いつもの散歩コースの緑道は桜の木に緑の葉っぱが生い茂ってとても気持ちがいいです。みなさまと一緒にお散歩気分を味わっていただけるように写真をセレクトしてみました♡来月の緑道は紫陽花が楽しみです。

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  1. Lovely post 😊 thanks for your sharing 😊

  2. the book is adorable, your art style is so sweet! I like it that you both matched it.
    Nice skirt too, I love vibrant colors for spring too as well as basic sale items (awesome way to save on it).
    Goro is always so cute, I want to cuddle him every time I see him. Grey face is too cute!

    Wishing you the best week!

  3. Pretty top, gorgeous skirt, cute dog and lovely book!!!
    Kisses, Paola.


    My Instagram

  4. What a lovely pink skirt. I love how you styled it with a white top. You look fantastic. It's cute that you style matched with your dog Goro in wearing pink. Great styling for both of you. I'm curious to read your book.

  5. You're so creative Akiko. It's incredible that you have your own published comic book.

  6. What a great pink skirt! it looks so good on you and you're so talented to have made a comic book! :)

    Hope you are having a great weekend :) We aren't doing much, staying home and staying warm with that cold winter weather that's here!

    Away From Blue

  7. Your skirt has a very beautiful and cute color:**Regards!!

  8. Thank you, everybody!! I will visit your blog soon!