Sunday, June 07, 2020

Elegant Exploration Outfit With Shorts In The Evening

Hi everyone! This week, different things happed in the world, and yesterday a car crashed into a guardrail in front of my house. People in the car were safe, so I was relived. One week ago, Goro had convulsions. I took Goro to see the vet, but he is so fine!

It gets hot during the daytime in Tokyo, so I take Goro for a walk in the evening. I wore these olive green shorts from Zara and sneakerks from D.B.J. I am folding the heels of my shoes because the canvas fabric is soft. In addition, folding the heels of my shoes makes legs look longer. This leopard blouse from Equipment is silk, so it is so comfortable. I really love today's elegant exploration outfit. My son hugged Goro, so we walked a little bit far away. There were a new lovely park and shops. We were excited, but we prefer this good-old supermarket "Yamazaki" which is popular their bread. Before pandemic, I used not be interested in explore around my home, but now it is so fun! How about you?

日中、暑くなってきましたので夕方以降に五郎の散歩をします。そろそろトレンドのショート丈のパンツを履きたくなってきたので、クローゼットからこのオリーブグリーンのパンツを選びました。ずっと前にZARAで見つけたもの。毎年出番があるお気に入り。ディビジェのスリッポンスニーカーは学校の上履きのように柔らかいので、きれいにかかとを踏めます。スニーカーはかかとを踏むと足が長く見えます。下半身があまりにもゆるすぎるので、Equipmentのシルクのブラウスを合わせて少しエレガントな探検隊コーデです。 アンジさんも一緒にいると五郎を抱っこしてもらえるのでいつもより遠くまで行けました。線路の跡地にかわいい公園ができていたり、新しいお店も発見。でも、ずっと昔からあるYamazakiのお店がいちばん。それではみなさま、また来週もお楽しみに♡

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  1. What a nice post 😊 thanks for your sharing 😊

  2. I am so glad Goro feels fine now.
    You look great in shorts, you definitely found your perfect match.

  3. Great post dear!Photos are amazing !    

  4. I've said it before - the most stylish dog walker out there.

  5. you look simple yet chic.... hope he feels much better now.

    Glowyshoe's blog

  6. Always so on point Akiko, in love with your leopard shirt!
    Kisses, Paola.


    My Instagram

  7. Great outfit. The leopard top and the shorts are a fantastic combo... the sneakers look great.
    I'm happy to hear your dog is well and you are enjoying exploring your area. Have a nice day.

  8. I love your animal print shirt! And Goro is so adorable!
    Happy weekend Akiko!

  9. Ooow poor Goro, it is good to know that the situation is better now! At the end a pet is like another member of the family right? :D

    I love to discover new places around the neighbourhood, specially after all the mess with the pandemic and closer walks are necessary in order to stay healthy not only physical but mentally.

    By the way your outfit looks souper comfortable, but chic at the same time!