Sunday, June 21, 2020

Sea Spary Yukata and Chingari Mangari Japanese Tea

Hello everyone! Today's blog is about yukata outfit that is summer cotton kimono outfit. People say that it is good to select obi (like a kimono belt) has complementary kimono color. However, I recommend one-toned looks this summer because one-toned looks has been one of fashion trends. A polyvinyl bag is so cool and elegant with kimono!

This yukata (summer cotton kimono) was from Wagu, which is one of my favorite kimono shop. I really love this pattern of waves and sea spray. I selected an earring of pearl like the sea spray. To be honest, I lost the other earring long time ago. This cotton mask is Daruma dolls pattern. Daruma doll means lucky, so I feel like that this mask protect me from virus more than other masks. After taking photos, my son made some tea from "Chingari Mangari", which is one of Japanese tea brands. I found a wonderful video about the way of making the tea. You can watch here! How do you think about Japanese tea?



  1. Wow!! This look is super from head to toe!!

  2. Looks great 😊 thanks for your sharing 😊

  3. You look stunning in pink kimono my dear! I'm big fan of genmaicha tea :-)

  4. Pink looks fantastic on you! so tender and summery.
    Those tea cups. beautiful!

  5. Your yukata is beautiful. I like this one tone pretty pink!
    Have a lovely day Akiko!

  6. What a lovely summer kimono look! Such a delicate and beautiful yukata. It fits you beautifully and I like the accessories you choose to wear with it. The bag matches it perfectly. I also really like your mask, I hope it brings you good luck.

  7. I haven't tried Japanese tea, I hope I will try it some day.

  8. You look really stunning! Love your kimono!


  9. Wow! Such a pretty look! Nice Post! Have a great day!

  10. Such a beautiful outfit! That pastel pink shade really suits you and your statement clutch is so fun, what an intricate piece! :)

    Hope that you are having a lovely weekend :)

    Away From Blue

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  12. Hello Akiko,

    Thanks for introducing us to the kimono culture and to new terms, it is nice to know the different with the term yukata and I bet it is nice and comfortable to wear the cotton version. Also the word obi is new to me so I am always learning something new. What I like about your kimono oOTDs is that you mix them with contemporary pieces like the bags, shoes, etc.

    PS: The tea cups where you served Chingari Mangari are a dream.... I love the tiger *_*


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