Outfit For Rainy Days 2020

Hello everyone! In Tokyo, it is raining everyday because of rainy season. It is humid and hot, but suddenly it is cold. I can't easily decide which items I wear for rainy seasons. For that reason, I thought about my basic outfit for rainy seasons this year.

This rainy season probably finishes on July 21. Gloomy sky will continue over two weeks, so I select my favorite rain coat which makes me happy. This coat is from NorwegianRain, and I found it about three years ago. The coat has many functionable pockets inside. I can make different silhouettes with the belt. I am glad that NorwegianRain loves Japan! This rainy season, I decided to make some outfits with the wonderful and unique rain coat. What kind of rain coat do you like? Anyway, I had a photo shoot with my son near my home. There was an elementary school last year, but it was demolished because of low birthrate. We could see Shinjuku Park Tower and other buildings in Shinjuku. If it is sunny, we probably see Mt. Fuji. I collaged my illustration about Virus that I drew for a life magazine. On rainy days. I feel like that usual sights of electrical lines and construction sites turn into dark sides in the era of the coronavirus. That reminds me of "AKIRA", which is a famous comic and movie. It is exciting and touching story in Tokyo! It is still difficult to travel, so I hope You enjoy at your place!

関東の梅雨明けは7月21日だそうですので、あと二週間以上、どんよりした天気が続きます。少しでも気持ちが明るくなるように、レインコートにはこだわっています。このノルウェージャンレインのレインコートは3年前から愛用。内側にポケットがたくさんついていて機能的ですし、ベルトでシルエットを変えられるところも素敵。日本が大好きなブランドなんですよ。今年はこのレインコートを軸にして、雨の日コーデのバリエーションを楽しむことに決めました。みなさまもお気に入りのレインコートがありましたら教えてくださいね。 さて、今回の撮影場所は、閉校になった小学校の跡地。今まで見えなかった新宿のパークタワーや高層ビルが見えて嬉しくなりました。ウィルスの絵は、お仕事で描いた絵をコラージュ。雨の日の東京は、見慣れているはずの電線や工事現場が、ウィズ・コロナ時代のダークサイドのよう。AKIRAを思い出します。ドキドキしてきますね。それでは、また来週♡

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  1. Nice post 😊 thanks for your sharing 😊

  2. You look so cool in this styling! I need that kind of coat :-)

  3. I love rainy days Akiko. And I like being outside... dancing in the rain.
    You look lovely. Love the bright red umbrella.
    Happy day!

  4. I must say that your raincoat is one the most raincoats out there! totally love the colour and structure! also i really love your boots. Overall it's a perfect rainy day outfit!

  5. Always so stylish, even under the rain!
    Kisses, Paola.


    My Instagram

  6. you're so pretty with it!! beautiful pics too! <3

  7. Nice outfit. :)
    I have just followed your blog via GFC and hope to welcome you on mine soon.  :)

    P&P style ♡ ☯ ☮ --- DIY --- fashion --- and more --- ☮ ☯ ♡

  8. you look stunning in this rainy day combo. Wonderful coat.Those boots are great, perfect for rainy days. I think rainy days can be quite inspirational.
    I like your illustrations, they are really cool.

  9. You look so stylish during rainy days. I like your bag so much.

    New Post - https://www.exclusivebeautydiary.com/2020/07/2nd-anniversary-of-exclusive-beauty.html

  10. Photos are amazing !Love your review as always ))


  11. Hello Akiko! Hope you had a nice week so far and.... happy weekend! I imagine is almost Saturday in Tokyo.

    Ahaha you always managed to put a smile on my face and everytime I leave your blog my mind feels creative and with an energy boost.

    The summer in Barcelona is really hot and humid, but I imagine it is nice to receive a little bit of rain to calm down the heat at least for some hours, but then fashion becomes a tricky things and we have to adapt our wardrobe in the last minute.... oops.

    That coat is a dream come true, looks fantastic and this is the first time I hear about that brand but I'll search for it! Aaaah and your illustration of this virus is so funny and it has your own personal style!

    All the best Akiko and thanks for your support in every post :)


  12. Ah it is raining here today but too warm for coat. But this coat from Norwegian Rain is great. It looks so chic with the high boots and the tote with the red straps.Just great!

    Allie of

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