Sunday, July 19, 2020

Sustainable outfit And Occasionally Minimalist

Hi everyone! I hope you are well.Around this season, I get many e-mails about sale informations from different online shops in work. Sometimes I check them and I am obsessed with a few items. When they are still expensive although they are discounted, I consider which items I need and love. However, I can't stop to purchase and I always order all of them... I have to stop it, so today's blog theme is "Sustainable outfit And Occasionally Minimalist".

As for me, an all-white outfit looks like religious cults uniform. I noticed that a combination of oversized top and bottom are not good for me, so I select just sized top if I wear oversized pants. As a final touch, I add stylish accessories. This time, I wanted a necklace with a gold ball pendant top, but I found a similar necklace of mine in my closet. It is from Kate Spade which I got about 7 years ago. I turn the necklace upside down! The hook with a gold ball is perfect! Next, I customized a long wallet. First, open the wallet, then pass a necklace through the wallet and do up the button. Those sustainable ideas are so easy! Those white pants are from ZARA. I got them last week, but I couldn't find the same one on ZARA. It is so comfortable and good quality, so I wanted to share the URL with you. Anyway, I hope you like my new drawing in the last picture! Have a lovely week!!


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  1. Woahh, you looks so pretty! And the drawing also really aesthetic. <3 Would love to see more from you.

  2. That bag is just beautiful! I would love to own a YSL bag, they're amazing xo

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  3. あなたはこのファッションスタイルでファッショナブルに見えます。 あなたのキャラクターに合わせて。 インドネシアからのご挨拶

  4. Great ideas, Akiko, and another great look. I am the same - my good intentions are always fighting with my love of shopping. And I love your new drawing as well.

  5. I like this outfit, combination white and black is timeless and your wallet on chain is so beautiful.

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  6. Indeed, perfect and minimal. I prefer minimal styles in monochrome you nailed it perfectly Akiko-san!

  7. Hello Akiko, hope you're enjoying this summer so far.... hope the situation in Japan is not that bad and good to know you are able to breath fresh air :)

    I totally agree with you and as you I love fashion but it is cool and necessary to look for more sustainable options in order to build a more long lasting wardrobe with good pieces that accept multiple combinations.

    I like your options, you could mix them with any other pieces you want, even with trends that we don't know yet. All of these garments and accessories are timeless and versatile!

    Keep safe, of course I love the drawing, it has the Akiko signature :)


  8. I really like your minimalist styling. The white pants are fabulous and I like how you paired them with a white top. The black sandals and YSL bag are very elegant.
    Black and white combo is always elegant.
    I love your photo editing and how you introduce new effects, like the reflection in a coffee.

  9. What a clever idea to wear the necklace backwards! I really like this monochrome outfit on you, and it's great you were able to turn your wallet into a bag too! :) It's always good to think of more ways we can wear pieces in our wardrobes!

    Hope that your week is going well :) It's a cold and wintery one here!

    Away From Blue

  10. Always so classy, I love your black accessories!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  11. I love your style, it's so classy!


  12. Love this look so much! Very simple and elegant! Nice Post! Have a great day!

  13. Just stopping by to wish you a lovely day!

  14. A very nice and stylish look, dear! Love your bag!