Sunday, August 23, 2020

My Working Remotely

Hello everyone! I hope you enjoy in late August. Today's blog is about working remotely. I was featured with my home office by Glow fashion magazine, and you can see about it here!


We need communication device for working remotely. I use iMac and iPad because I am not good at Windows PC. Mac have helped me for about 25 years, so it is my business partner. The main colors of the office interior are black and white. My tables and chairs are from Eames. Accent colors are pink, gold, green, blue from books, art, stationery, and plants. I use many papers to sketch, so I make a recycle notepad from them. It is so easy! Cut the papers and clip them. My clip of Planet Of The Apes is a free gift of Pepsi. There are room spray, perfume, and hand cream with stationery in a tray. When I want to eat something even though I am not hungry, good smell usually makes me satisfied. Sometimes I change the stationery tray, now I use it from beautiful black boxes for some items from Net-A-Porter. When I don't keep motivation, I redecorate or rearrange. It is also great to paint for me. Today's outfit is inspired by the painting in the last picture. Wearing favorite clothes and working around favorites furniture and stuff make good jobs! How aboit you? Have a lovely week!!
リモートワークの必需品は通信機器。私はMacユーザーですので、iMacとiPadをメインに使っています。WindowsのPCは苦手ですけど、Macはメカが苦手な私を25年以上も助けてくれて最高のパートナー。家具はシンプルでスタイリッシュなイームズの机と椅子を中心にモノトーンでまとめて、アクセントカラーはピンクとゴールドとグリーンとブルー。イラストのラフやブログのコンテを描いた裏紙が大量に出るのでカットして、猿の惑星のペプシのおまけクリップでとめてメモ帳に。イラストレーターになってからずっと続けています。文房具トレー には、お気に入りの香りのルームスプレー、香水、ハンドクリームも。ストレスがたまると間食が多くなるので、口が寂しくなったらいい香りをシューッとすると満たされます。トレー は気分で時々チェンジ。今は、ネッタポルテでお買い物した時の箱を使っています。モチベーションが下がったりスランプの時は、家具の向きや壁のアートを変えてリフレッシュ。最後の写真の中の大きな絵は、数日前に描いた新作。この絵にインスパイアされて、本日のコーディネイトがでました。好きな服を着て、好きなものに囲まれて、いい仕事ができます。それではまた来週♡


  1. What a nice post 😊 thanks for your sharing 😊

  2. Your office looks amazing. I really like the art and the books. It is great that you were featured in a magazine, congrats.

  3. Did you clean up for the magazine or does your office always look this tidy? You deserve such an amazing place to work on all your gorgeous art.

  4. Hello Akiko!

    This post left me with a lot of inspiration! It is magical to see the place where the magic of your illustrations happen! So congrats on your feature in GLOW Magazine! Sincerely your office looks like something from Pinterest *_*

    Love that it is surrounded by the little details (like the golden lips and books like the one from THe Coveteur) and your illustrations of course!

    I am not good with Mac tho hahaa! I want that chair, looks comfortable and sincerely I am struggling with my actual chair!


  5. Most beautiful working space Akiko! I love it!
    You can definitely get so much work done in a setting like this.

  6. Congratulations. Your home office is full of amazing details. I like how you organize it.

  7. Lovely working space honey! I love this top so much.
    Lovely Post!

  8. just stopping by to wish you a lovely day.

  9. Thanks for the beautiful post!

    Have a nice day)  

  10. Such a lovely office!
    I love your outfit too and... those gorgeous sandals!
    Kisses, Paola.


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