White Revealing Clothing

Hi everyone! How are you? It is very hot in Tokyo, but I am excited at this summer because this rainy season was too long. Tokyo doesn't go into lockdown, but the self-restraint request to people in Tokyo made by the Japanese government. For that reason, I decided to stay at home and enjoy shopping near my home this summer. Today's blog is about revealing clothing!

みなさま、こんにちは。東京はやっと夏らしくなってきて嬉しいです。今年の夏はどこにも行かずに、熱中症に気をつけながら静かに生活しています。オレンジページの一つ前の号( 8/2号)「熱中症、特に今年はご用心のページでイラストをたくさん描かせていただきました。詳しくはこちらで! さて、本日のコーディネイトですが、夏の肌見せをテーマに考えてみました。

This summer, I saw many fascinating revealing clothing from different fashion brands. This unique and elegant top is from Christopher Esber. During the daytime, I wore a denim jacket on it., and I took off the jacket after sunset. The shoulder strings look like Hawaiian Leis, or backbone of dinosaurs in a museum. I also love the design around decorte. The fabric is a little thick, and the drape is so beautifl. Those pants are from Zara, and it is so good to ride a bike. I went to a appliances store with my son and took photos. Then we had a great time at our favorite restaurant. To be honet, it has been about four months since I last had a dinner outside. How about you? I hope you have a wonderful time this week!!


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  1. Thanks for your sharing 😊 have a lovely summer 😊

  2. I love the outfit, I love the shorts. Take care, and your style is great!


  3. Hello dear Akiko, hope you're doing good!

    Just read your lovely comment on my latest blog post and it made my day, I'm happy to read that you found a bit of inspiration :)

    First of all good to know you're staying safe in these weird days, sad to hear that you're not able to spend summer at 100% :( But at least you can take a few minutes outside to go in the bike and use this magnificent top, really the design in the back is so cool and sophisticated!

    Love to see you wandering around Tokyo Street and hope you can take a meal outside one day.... I've going out but with many precautions :(

    Have a happy week ahead!

  4. Totally obsesed with your top, I love the whole look!

  5. You totally slayed your outfit with that elegant top! Wonderful photos. Stay safe & happy ❤

    Blog de la Licorne * Instagram * We♥It

  6. Love your outfit, the white top is absolutely beautiful!
    Stay safe and have a lovely summer ;)

    INXSKY | Gold Stackable Rings

  7. I have very similar shorts and now you give me idea for outfit. I really like your top and how you style them.

  8. This white top is so pretty. I love the detail on the back. Moreover, I love the bermuda shorts you wore with it. Such a pretty combo! I'm happy to hear you're excited about the summer and that you enjoy the warm weather. It is great you were able to eat outside finally.

  9. Have a lovely day, chic lady!

  10. Thank you so much for your lovely comments!!
    I will visit you soon<3


  11. So happy that you finally have a dinner outside! I've started eating out this month too like twice i think. I totally love the top with the pretty details. I looks perfect for summer


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