Sunday, September 20, 2020

Kimono Outfit In Autumn

Hello everybody! We have a 4-day weekend in Japan, so many people are going to travel. Usually I stay at home during weekends and national holidays because my weekday is exciting! Today's blog is like that!

I went to the Yoyogi park with my son because of a photoshoot by Kate Spade. We had lunch before the photoshoot at Mos Burger which is one of famous fast-food hamburger restaurants in Japan. Fortunately, there was no one, so we took photos. I was surpriised to see my photos! The resutaurant looked like a luxury ryokan hotel (Ryokan means Japanese style hotel). Mos Burger started in Japan, and that is my best humberger. Have you tried it? That global site is here! Anyway, today's kimono outfit is so good in autumn. This obi (kimono belt) with embroidery of big eyes of owls and dry leaves are so sentimaental. However it turned into being lovely with that tote bag from Kate Spade! I hope you also have a wonderful day with a lovely bag in autumn!



  1. Wow!! This look is super from head to toe!! You look stunning!

  2. Looks great 😊 thanks for your sharing 😊

  3. You are always so stylish in your traditional outfit, I love the embroidered belt!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  4. That very first photo completely won my heart, so full of life.

  5. You always look gorgeous and your photos are so beautiful.

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  6. Wow! You look so cute in this outfit. Have a great day!

  7. You look fantastic in the Kimono! Lovely pictures. Hokkaido croquette is my personal favorite from MOS burger.

  8. What a beautiful kimono! The obi belt with owls is so unique and pretty. The mini bag is wonderful and I like the tote bag as well. You look stunning in this kimono autumn styling.

  9. Beautiful photos! I am glad you had a great long weekend. Those owls are so cute! I love it! It’s so beautiful! You have beat obi ever

  10. うわー、帯はとてもユニークで美しいです。 フクロウをモチーフにした帯を見るのは初めてです。 あなたの写真は美しく見えます。 友情のご挨拶。
    Wow, the obi is so unique and beautiful. This is the first time I see the obi decorated with owl motifs.
    Your photos look beautiful.
    Greetings of friendship.

  11. So glad you had fun and this is the cutest tote bag.
    Happy weekend Akiko! Talk again soon!!!

  12. Hello Akiko!

    A 4 days long weekend sounds ideal! Of course the best is to take a trip outside the city due to the amount of days, but maybe it was a really good option to stay in the city!

    I loved all from head to toe, but the obi decorated with the owls drawings is so beautiful, definitely a piece of art!

    PS: Congrats on being a Kate Spade ambassador! I worked with this brand in Mexico a few years ago with some illustrations for the collaboration they did with Keds!


  13. totally love these photos and styling! and congratulations for the collaboration with Kate Spade!
    i love mrs burger too, we have several outlets in singapore

    hope you have a good weekend!