Sunday, September 27, 2020

Taro Okamoto Memorial Museum

Hi everybody! Fall is the season for the arts. Most of the museums in Tokyo are smaller than suburbs, but it is so good for me because I’m not very strong and I can't walk for a long time. This time, I went to The Taro Okamoto Memorial Museum. This museum is also small, but I love seeing beautiful architectures on the way from the station to the museum. The Prada building is one of my favorite architectures! It took me about five minutes from Prada to the The Taro Okamoto Memorial Museum. It is amazing that the museum is Taro's home and atelier, so we can feel his energy. Today I hope you feel like that you go there with me!


Last month I enjoyed drawing a Ginza map on my blog, so I drew a Aoyama map, too! Both of Ginza and Aoyama are luxury area in Tokyo. The Okamoto Taro museum is in the lower right on my map. Taro's works have strong power, so you can feel it from these photos, right? We can touch most of the works in the museum. If you have a chance to visit there, the works will motivate you more than photos. After going the museum, I went CELINE shop (in the upper left on the map) with my son. Unfortunately he didn't feel good because I enjoyed shopping for a long time. I appologied to him, we went home by taxi. Anyway, I woudl love to tell you about my outfit. This pants from Alessandra rich are this fall purchase. To be honest, this clothe like a top is a dress from Balenciaga! I got it a secondhand shop about seven years ago. I put the dress's hem into the pants. That idea is from "a little place is call my own" by Ivana. She often wears different dresses as a top. I really love her fashion ideas! As a final touch, I wore the bag like a clutch bag and those yellow shoes. I hope you came up with great outfit this week, too!

以前、銀座マップを描いたので今回は青山マップを作ってみました。 岡本太郎記念館は右下になります。太郎の作品は写真からもエネルギーがほとばしっていますので、みなさまもきっと力が湧いてきたと思います。 ほとんどの太郎の作品を触ることができるので、ぜひ、機会があったら行ってみてくださいね。バーチャルでは体験できない貴重な経験になると思います。 美術館の帰りはCELINEで長居をしてしまったらアンジさんの具合が悪くなってしまい、急いでタクシーで帰りました。 この日のお洋服は、今シーズンのアレッサンドラ・リッチのパンツに、7〜8年前に購入したセカンドハンドのバレンシアガのカーキのワンピースをイン。 a little place is call my ownのIvanaがよくワンピースを別のボトムにインしているのをやってみたくて。 私のボトムはタイトなものが多くてなかなかできなかったけど、このダボダボパンツのおかげで実現しました。バッグはクラッチ持ちに、靴はきれいな黄色のパンプスでモダンに仕上げました。 それでは、来週もお楽しみに♡


  1. What a great museum. The paintings and the sculptures are absolutely amazing, so full of energy and life. I really like the sun sculture.
    Your outfit is very chic. Those yellow shoes are so pretty. Great dress worn as a top with pants. Thank you for mentioning me in your post.

  2. Hello Akiko! How you doing? I hope you had a nice weekend!

    I love to stroll around Tokyo with you, you may know that this is one of my favorites cities but haven't visited yet haha, but your posts make me travel to this destination! So good to read that museums are open again in Japan and with all the safety precautions!

    This is the first time I hear about Taro Okamoto Memorial Museum. First of all the architecture of the place looks impressive and the interiors are full of pieces that deserve a look!

    I also see that you picked a comfortable OOTD to explore the museum, so stylish but comfy at the same time and it is totally Akiko style!


  3. Great post Mrs Akiko

    they are really awesome museum indeed

    You are so cool and lovely as always

    Asep Haryono

  4. Thank you for sharing about the museum! That's a great place to learn more about his art.
    Glad to know that museum in Japan has reopened with new safety measures.
    Aoyama is a very interesting neighbourhood.
    I really love your pants, they look very stylish and comfortable at the same time!

  5. Nice museum and you look very chic ❤

  6. I love going to museums very much! I can´t wait to go to some soon ❤

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  7. Just stopping by to wish you a lovely day!

  8. I haven't been to a museum in so long. Would love to go!
    You look beautiful Akiko. I love your unique pants!

  9. What an interesting museum! You got some great photos there! I really like those fun pants on you and the pop of colour with the yellow shoes!

    Hope that you are having a great weekend :)

    Away From Blue

  10. What a great exhibit! I love your pants and those colorful accessories!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  11. What a great museum, thanks for taking us along! I also prefer a smaller museum where I can spend longer with the pieces I like and not just rush around to see everything.