A Beckoning Cat Goutokuji temple

Hello everybody! The trees leaves around my home were starting to change color. I wore red kimono like autumn leaves and went to Gotoku-ji Temple. It took me about 10 minutes from my home by taxi. I went there in 2015, and you can see the blog here.


We can get a beckoning cat at Gotoku-ji Temple. Usually beckoning cats are raising the right hand and have a koban(a former Japanese oval gold coin) with the left hand. However Gotoku-ji's beckoning cat does not have a koban. People say that the cat gives you a chance, but you make an effort to get wealth. i love the meaning! Gotoku-ji Temple is relative to a famouse Japanese person, Naotaka Ii (1615–1659), so I watched a movie that Naotaka Ii appears. The title is "Hara-Kiri: Death of a Samurai". I fasted forward very cruel scenes, but I rewinded a lot of beautiful scenes. Those scenes motivated me to wear kimono properly. This kimono is secondhand, and this plaid stole with cashmere 100% is too hot because it was warm. Anyway, I am having fun to looking for a little autumn near my home, and I would love to post them on myy Instagram stories.I hope you can find a little autumn, too!


Scondhand kimono, Mackintosh philosophy stole, Bottega veneta The pouch, Madewell tote bag


  1. Thanks for the beautiful post!

    Have a nice day)    

  2. What a lovely kimono outfit on you and I really like that scarf, it is a shame it was too warm to wear as the colours are so nice with your outfit :)

    Hope that you had a nice weekend :)

    Away From Blue

  3. What a beautiful temple! It id lovely that you get such a cat statue there. I think a cat like that one can bring good vibes into a home.
    You look gorgeous in this kimono. I also like the scarf you wore with it even if it was too hot for it, still looks very nice. You're always stylish. It's great you like to wear kimonos and traditional garments. I think it's important to keep our traditions alive.

  4. Hello dear Akiko,

    Hope you are having a nice beginning of the month so far :) I love to explore many places of Tokyo and Japan with you through your blog posts, you're definitely the best to show us around and also with the best outfits. This kimono is a piece of art and you did a very creative job mixing it up with the pouch and that scarf now that the temperatures are getting low :)

    I really like how you always mix pieces of art and classical garments with more contemporary objects or accessories.

    And talking about the place you are so lucky to live close to this gorgeous temple. I really like beckoning cat and the meaning behind it, today I learned something different through this post :D

    Stay safe and thanks for your support!
    Hey Fungi

  5. So beautiful and I love the meaning of these cats. Now I really want one!


  6. What a beautiful place! Amazing pictures!


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