H&H Horoscope Accessories

Hello everybody! Today I would love to share H&H silver accessories with you! They gave my son and me these Zodiac sign pendants from horoscope series. Thank you so much, H&H! My son's sweatshirt from GU looks luxury with the necklace, and my décolleté is sparkling with the choker!


My son's onyx necklace is with the silver pendant top of his Zodiac sign Sagittarius. My choker is with the silver pendant top of my Zodiac sign Virgo. Do you like horoscope? I like stars, so I like horoscope. When you order accessories from Horoscope series, H&H make your personal holoscope card, too! Today's bangle and ring are from H&H, and I really love their design because it is simple and lovely, cool and elegant. It is timeless, Anyway, we took today's photos at my home. Recently, I decorated these stones called "Tamago ishi". "Tamago" menas egg, and "ishi" means stone. Does the stone look like an egg? What kind of eggs do you think? I think that it is dinosaur's egg! Have a lovely day!!

アンジさんのはオニキスのネックレスに射手座のペンダントトップ、私のはサテンチョーカーに乙女座のペンダントトップです。このシリーズをオーダーすると、ホロスコープカードも作ってもらえるんですよ。みなさま、星占いはお好きですか?私は星が大好きなので、星占いをチェックするのも好きです。ホロスコープシリーズは占星家の村上さなえさん監修。以前、お仕事で村上さんにみていただいた時のわかりやすい漫画がありますので、よかったらそちらも参考にしてみてくださいね。H&Hのシルバーアクセサリーは10年くらい前から少しずつ集めていて、今回の指輪とブレスレットもH&H。シンプルでラブリー、クールでエレガント、そんな普遍的なデザインがとても気に入っています。 撮影場所は我が家の玄関。最近、可愛いたまご石を置いてみました。それでは、また来週♡

Akiko: Alessandra Rich cardigan, Zara pants, Dries van Notten shoes, H&H pendant , ring, bangle, Saitn Laurent sunglasses
Anji: GU sweatshirt, Uniqlo pants, Ne Balance sneakers, H&H pendant, Celine sunglasses

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  1. Cute zodiac pedants. You both wear them well. What are your zodiac signs? You look so cute in that cropped kimono paired with elegant trousers. What beautiful weather you have there as well! Lovely photos.

  2. Such cool accessories! But what really caught my way was your knit, love it *-*

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  3. Amazing necklaces! I'm Sagittarius like your handsome son!

    Kisses, Paola.


    My Instagram

  4. What a cute knit! these are lovely necklaces on your both - so sweet of your son to join you for photos as well! :) i don't follow horoscopes so wouldn't know what my horoscope would be, haha!

    Hope that you have a lovely weekend ahead of you!

    Away From The Blue

  5. That horoscope accessories is so beautiful. I would like to have my own.

  6. Nice pendants. I also like to watch stars, although I don't believe in horoscopes 🧐.

  7. Wow this looks amazing!!    

  8. Cool accessories! And, I've said it before, a very handsome son.

  9. I like that way your horoscope is more of a choker. Looks super cute on Akiko!


  10. Hey Akiko,

    First time I see this new HM horoscope accessories... they are so cool and obviously the coolest part is that there is one for everybody. It is also nice that the design is so clean so they could look good with any look.

    For example, your styles are different but you are wearing the similar accessory and they look good in your own style!

    Thanks for the mini japanese lesson too! I remember that Tamago means egg jeje :)

    Stay safe!

    Hey Fungi


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