Saturday, December 26, 2020

Luxurious Motivation With MZ SKIN Facial Roller

Hi everyone, Happy Holidays! Did Santa Claus come your home? I became Santa Claus for my niece and nephew. Their requests of Christmas gifts were interesting. My niece's request is a white rice bowl, and nephew's one is nife and folk which can melt icecream! It is so wonderful that we give gifts for somepne in holiday season. This gold face roller from MZ SKIN is a gift from Forward gave me. Today I will share my beauty life with the product with you!

みなさま、こんにちは。クリスマスにサンタさんは来てくれましたか?私は毎年、甥っ子と姪っ子のサンタさんになって、今年も一か月前にリクエストを聞きました。7歳の姪っ子は「白いお茶碗」、14歳の甥っ子は「アイスが溶けるスプーンとナイフ」をプレゼントしました。私は少し前にカリフォルニアのラグジュアリーオンラインサイト、FORWARDさまから素敵なギフトをいただきました。このMZ SKINのフェイスローラーです。

MZ SKIN has beautiful and gorgeous design, so I have been intereted in the beauty brand. I really love this facial roller with germanium because it looks like a gorgeous magic wand! I use it watching favotites channel on YouTube. Anyway, it is so important to keep something step by step. I think that beautiful products are luxurious motivation, and there are a lot of great products on Forward. I love the shop name, "FORWARD", too! The big sale just started on Forward, and I selected some items for luxurious motivation!

美しいプロダクトデザインが印象的なMZ SKINの製品。日本ではまだそんなに知られていないけど、以前からとても気になっていたブランドです。 このゲルマニウムのフェイスローラー、魔法の杖みたいでしょ。リラックスタイムにお気に入りの動画を見ながらゆっくりコロコロしています。さて、今年のコロナ禍で学んだことは、小さな努力をコツコツ続けていくことの大切さ。美しい道具はラグジュアリーなモチベーション。FORWARDは日本語のサイトがしっかりしていて、関税がかかる場合はお会計の時に含まれますので後日請求がないのも安心です。成分など英語表記のところはグーグル翻訳などできちんと確認してくださいね。さて、本日からFORWARDのビッグセールが始まりました!私のセレクトもお楽しみくださいませ。

1.MZ SKIN フェイスローラー/ 2.AYTM GLOBE 花瓶/ 3.MZ SKIN トリートメントセット/ 4.MANOLO BLAHNIK HANGISI 105 ヒール/ 5.7 DAYS ACTIVE スウェットシャツ/ 6.LOEWE セーター

Thank you for always your coming to my blog, kimonosnack" ! I love thinking about the blog's themes, and I hope you will be happy to see my fashion and lifestyle from Japan. I really love sharing different great inspirations from your blogs. If you have a request for me, please write in the following comment section. Happy Holiday!!


FORWARD アフタークリスマスセール 情報 最大70%OFF 期間: 2020年12月26日〜 12月29日


  1. I like this gold face roller. It seems like a wonderful beauty tool. I also like the photos you took. You look very elegant and chic in your black and white styling. Very Parisian. Nice to hear you bought presents for your niece and nephew.
    I don't have a request but I always enjoy your traditional outfits with kimonos because I don't have a chance to see kimonos worn, so if you planned more of those posts that would be great!

  2. I take advantage of this post to wish you Happy New Year!

  3. I've got a jade face roller but really I've never used it!^^'
    That gold one seems a so graet beauty tool, plus looks so elegant and stylish, fit well your style!
    Love your photos!

  4. What a gorgeous design! I need to try it!
    Happy holidays Akiko!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  5. just stopping by to wish you a lovely day!

  6. This looks like such a treat and I love the way you've styled it on the tray with the teacup and pot. Just lovely.

  7. Glad you had a lovely Christmas! I've never used a face roller before but it does look very luxurious! :)

    Happy new year! Hope 2021 is off to a good start for you :)

    Away From Blue

  8. Hey Akiko,

    What a gorgeous selection of items and the way you put the background for this post! I have heard a lot about face rollers and I would like to try one, definitely a good addition to your beauty cabinet and that's the best you can invest in: selfcare :)

    I wish you had a lovely holiday season! Would love to have one little tray for the tea like you!

    Hey Fungi