Eames Furniture From Gallery 1950

Hello everybody! I guess that many people stay at home longer time in winter, and they often think about interior. I always think about interia as much as fashion. Today's blog is about colorful Eames chairs, and there are in the second floor in my house. Goro lives there, and I work there, too. I got those chairs one by one from Gallery1950 before I lived at this house.


My mother gave me the wire chair in the last picture when I got married. She gave me an Eames sofa, too. The wire chair used to wear a bikini, but I took off the top because it got old. I regret it... Anyway, I also love mid-century glass vases. It is fantastic that rooms are upgraded with great small items like fashion. I found this Tapio Wirkkala glass vase from Gallery1950 last year. I couldn't decide what I should purchase, so the owner, Mr. Shuzo and Norio chan selected it for me! Whenever I see the vase with a digital downloard art from my Etsy shop, I am so happy. Finally, I would love to tell you about these black yoga mats. They are roads for Goro! His legs are getting weak, so yoga mats are so good for him. I hope you are having lovely days this week!

最後の写真のビキニのワイヤーチェアーは初めてのイームズ。母に嫁入り家具としてソファーと一緒に買ってもらったもの。トップの部分は、汚れが気になり剥がしてしまったのでトップレスに。 そのままにしておけばよかったと、今となっては後悔しています。気を取り直して、お次はミッドセンチュリーの小物のお話しますね。ファッションと同じようにインテリアも小物選びが大切。洗練させたいときは名品を一つ置くだけで空間がグレードアップ。このTapio Wirkkalaのガラスのベースは去年、Gallery1950でオーナーの修三さんとのりおちゃんに選んでもらったもの。さっそく、私の新商品、デジタルダウンロードアートと一緒に飾ってみました。床に敷いてある黒いヨガマットは足が弱ってきたゴローの道路。これもおすすめです。それではまた来週♡

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  1. I love those colorful chairs!


  2. Hey Akiko, first of all hope you're doing good!

    I wanted to thank you for the meaningful words you left on my latest blog post :) It means the world and I am so happy to have support from blogger friends around the world! Hope to see a lot of content from you in this new year!

    Now talking about this blog post I love Eames, I even have a book of Eames and wish I could have more pieces, but for now just a couple of chairs that are real treasure! I love the edition you're showing us in this post, the colorful option is really nice and they add a lot of personality to your space!

    It like a pop of color that make a statement! Also the vases, they are really nice pieces *_* Hope to see more interior design posts during this year!

    PS: I loved that Goro made an entrance haha

    Hey Fungi

  3. So many beautiful pieces here, and I love yur leopard skirt!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  4. beautiful house! I would totally stay there longer than usual. The chairs add a lot of color and make me smile!

  5. beautiful colourful chairs. I love such furniture and decor. Your home looks amazing. You style is perfect.

  6. Love your workspace Akiko! I'm coffee over for some tea...😁
    Happy weekend!


  7. What lovely and colourful chairs! they look great around that table, and I really like your skirt too :)

    Hope that you are having a wonderful weekend :) We are off to the park later today :)

    Away From Blue

  8. Great chairs collection Akiko!!!


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