Hi everyone! Today's blog is about "EDO BEAUTY STAY" at HOSHINOYA Tokyo. Last year I stayed at the hotel to draw comics for Ginger fashion magazine. HOSHINOYA Tokyo is great and beautiful, so I would love to share with you about it. You can see the location on Google Map. I hope you will feel like that you stay at HOSHINOYA Tokyo with me!

みなさま、こんにちは。本日のブログは、都内の日本旅館、星のや東京さんの「江戸美人滞在」です。去年、ファッション雑誌、GINGERの編集さんと一緒に取材をさせていただき、発売中のGINGER 3月号で体験漫画を描かせていただきました。とっても素敵な体験でしたので、このブログでみなさまも一緒にステイケーション気分を楽しんでいただけたら嬉しいです。

This "EDO BEAUTY STAY" program is designed to allow guests to turn their attention to beauty of old Edo-Tokyo, through a variety of activities such as learning graceful hand movements, Shamisen and tea ceremony lessons, exercises, as well as a relaxing spa treatment. The measures against the coronavirus is great and perfect, so it was so relaxing during our stay. We had beautiful dinner and breakfast. I always eat like a bird, so I asked to serve the half size of the dish. The room was so comfortable, and the spa was also great. I could do the program and other activities although I have a little weak constitution. Finally, I gained confidence! I really hope you can take something from this report. If you come to Tokyo in the future, I recommend HOSHINOYA Tokyo!

江戸美人滞在」とは、江戸時代の女性が嗜んだお稽古やスパトリートメントを通して、教養や美しい所作、美への意識を身に付けることを目指すプログラムです。最高水準のコロナ対策のおかげで安心して滞在できました。少食なのでお料理は半分にしていただき、久しぶりのスパトリートメント、いろんな和のお稽古、さらにオプションでナイトバスクルーズやビルの屋上で天空深呼吸など。盛り沢山の内容についていけるか心配でしたが、スパと畳のお部屋でぐっすり眠れたおかげで虚弱な私でも全部達成できました! とても楽しくて江戸美人になれる自信もつけていただきました♡星のやさんに教えていただいたことを忘れないように、日々の暮らしを丁寧に、舞のお稽古もさぼらず続けて、これからも江戸美人情報をお届けしますね。それではまた来週もお楽しみに♡


  1. The interior arrangement of the apartment space is beautiful and simple in Japanese style.
    I like it too.

    1. Thank you so much, Himawan! I also love that Japanese style!!
      Have a great weekend<3


  2. That place, interior and food are gorgeous. They are on another level of luxury. I hope so that you have amazing time.

  3. Oh my... what a gorgeous space!!! I love everything!
    And your sweater is super cool!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  4. So nice that you enjoyed your stay in this beautiful hotel Akiko. How wonderful that they have different activities organized. Being able to learn graceful movements is wonderful. I think grace is a special kind of beauty. You look beautiful as always in your sweater with statement sleeves. The room you stayed it also looks wonderful, very modern and chic.

  5. Can't tell you how much I love these photos! What a beautiful hotel and so suited to your own style - classic and modern and elegant.

  6. Hey there Akiko,

    What a gorgeous place to stay at, sometimes and specially in this pandemic we can look for interesting plans in our same town - city and you also drew a little bit inspired by this elegant and amazing place *_*

    Loved the outfit you picked for the occasion, stylish but comfortable at the same time!

    Hey Fungi


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