My Favorite Loungewear Outfits Winter 2021

Hello everyone! It is so beautiful that rays of light are shining through a window in winter. I would love to relax at home long time wearing loungewear all day. However I don't do it because people say that you transform a cow in Japan. Anyway, I feel like that I have bee getting well to style loungewear. In paticular, sweat pants! Last month, Revolve gave me today'sweat pants and socks, then I styled them with knit wears from my closet.


Ganni cardigan (the first outfit), Sayaka Davis knit wear (the second outfit), My son's Lacoste down jacket, Superdown sweat pants, Song of Style socks Nike sneakers

I really love four pockets on the pants from Superdown sweat pants. It is good to put a little thigs, sungalsses, smartphone, and mask into the three pockets! Song of Style socks are so comfy!

このSuperdown sweat pantsのスェットパンツ、ポケットが3つもついていて可愛いでしょ。マスクやスマホやサングラスなど入れるのにぴったりサイズです。Song of Style socksのソックスも、こういう普通っぽくてセンスがいいのってなかなか見つからないのでいくつかまとめ買いする予定。これから揃えていきたいアイテムもモンタージュ風にピックアップしてみました。

1.DAYDREAMER top 2.Song of Style top 3.Song of Style cardigan 4.Jordan sweat shirt

5.SUPERDOWN pants 6.Song of Style pants 7.SNDYS sweat pants 8.Song of Style shorts

9.Song of Style socks 10.UGG slippers 11.Jordan sneakers 12.UGG boots

I am wearing no.5 and no.9! Revolve is in California, so I feel like that I am going shopping in California during I am looking for something on Revolve. I am excited to get items which I ordered from foreign country always. Anyway, the big sale just started on REVOLVE! I hope you will find great items!!

私とおそろいは、5と9番です。REVOLVEはカリフォルニアのオンラインショップなので、カリフォルニアでショッピングしているような気分になれるのが好き。ショップでアルバイトしていた時からずっと、海外からお洋服が届くたびに毎回わくわくします。REVOLVEでは、本日2月10日 17時〜から一部アイテムが最大65%OFFです。お仕事の息抜きにぜひのぞいてみてくださね。それでは、また来週♡


  1. Oooh I love Revolve. They have the most stunning styles of everything.
    You look awesome in loungewear Akiko! 😍 Hope you have a happy day!

  2. These look super cozy and nice. I like shades and how you style them.

  3. Beige and pink is a delicate combination ❤

    Blog de la Licorne *

  4. What cosy outfits! I like the pink pants they look really practical! My loungewear is just old clothes I can't wear outside any more, not very fancy with rips and stains, haha!

    Hope your week is going well :) It's a busy one here!

    Away From Blue

  5. The mug with your illustration is very pretty. You look fantastic in loungewear. I really like your cardigan. Those Song of Style socks look very comfy.
    Your pink and red outfit is so pretty. I also like the outfit Goro is wearing. Have a nice day!

  6. These look very cozy and your photos are so beautiful.

  7. Your dog must be so proud to be seen with you out and about, you look gorgeous in your comfy outfit.

  8. Hello Akiko, I hope you're having a good month so far!

    I saw these socks in your instagram and they look perfect to stay at home and enjoy winter with a magazine and a cup of your favorite beverage, just like your pictures! I saw they are from Song of Style (Aimee) collection, so cool she's one of my favorites :)

    Then I also liked your proposal of pink + red combo, currently obsessed with this color combination *_*

    Thanks for your support in my latest blog post
    Hey Fungi

  9. Love that pink sweatpants! Oh my! XD Precisely my style! And cute doggie 🌸

    Blog de la Licorne *


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